Sunday, August 28, 2011

Teens Meet

The teen Aspergers Meetup group got together for dinner last night at a local restaurant.  This group of teens has been together several times now.  They are getting to know each other better.  I am pleased to see them actually conversing together, socializing...appearing to be enjoying each other's company.

The parents have one table.  The teens have their own table.  The parents are chatting and exchanging stories of  our journey to raise these kids.  The kids are exchanging stories and information about their fixations.  There is another young lady in the group who is in love with aviation.  She and Red talked back and forth for a long time, which was great because the first time we met...I don't think this girl said two words the whole time.  In fact, her mother walks over to the table when she is ready to leave...her daughter was so busy talking to Red, she didn't even notice her mother standing there.  Mom sat back down allowing her daughter continue socializing.

This picture is from a Meetup over the summer

We are enjoying the last of our cocktails after dinner when we turn to check on the teens who are sitting behind us.  One teen is giving her mother the "I'm done" look.  Another boy is actually laying his head face down on the table.  I think he's asleep.  They are done...and so are we.

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