Friday, July 1, 2011

Funny Friday

It hasn't been a very funny week other than Monday.  That day was hilarious and it actually kept me laughing most of the week whenever I thought about it.  You can read about our Very Aspergery Day here.

My dog Harry...really does think he's human and I think he actually has Aspergers.  You can read my post about him here: Aspergers Dog.  He has no sense of boundaries.  He always interrupts my conversations.  He really does think the world revolves around him.  He doesn't think he can lay down unless he's on one of our micro-fiber blankets, and he would prefer the orange one or which ever one someone else is using.  The plain old carpet on the floor is just not good enough for him.  If I am typing on my computer, he will actually reach up and put his paws on the keyboard as if to say, " attention to me!  I'm here!"  He is truly spoiled like every other member of this household -which is of course, my fault. 

This is how I found him one morning this week.  He was sleeping laying on his back with all fours in the air as if he is human: 

Here is a really cute one from Mimi that she posted on my Facebook Community Page : 

"My son was told by my husband that he needed to go outside because it was a beautiful sunny day. My ASP son who hates to be outside (unless it involoves swimming)whined that it was too hot,too buggy,and that there was nothiing to do.My husband replied go out and get some exersize! One of the things my son is obsesed with is books by his favorite authors. So this is where I found him....I thought it was quite funny!"

Enjoy your Funny Friday!  I hope I have given you at least one smile for the day. 

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