Monday, May 2, 2011

Just the Two of US

"I can't do it! There's no way.  I'm gonna loose it, " I say to my husband.
"I can't drink my way out of this one!" I say to my mom.
My doubt is palpable.  The talking, perseverating was non-stop at top speed.  The subject? Our impending trip to Six Flags -just me and my 15 year-old Aspergers teen for the entire day!

"I'm going to set my clock for 8 a.m.
"We have to leave early."
"We have to get there on time."
"I want to stay there for at least 8 hours!"
"You don't understand!!!"
"Can I set my clock for 8 a.m.?"
"Do you have enough gas?"
"Did you print out your ticket?"
"You can't wait until the morning to print out your ticket!"
"This is really important to me.  We have to go!!  I have to shoot this video footage for my project at school.  Ms. R- is depending on me to do this project."
"What time are we going to leave?"
"I have to know the exact plan ahead of time."
"I'm not going to eat any breakfast so we can just get out of here."
"We're not going to go are we?  You're going to find some excuse."

This endless loop of questions and statements goes on for hours at max volume.  I am beginning to tremble and shake.  I have a glass of wine to calm my nerves.  I close my door and turn up the volume of my television.  My husband stands guard outside my door, not allowing anyone in or out.  He knows --I'm done!

I update my Facebook status. "Would anyone like to go to Six Flags tomorrow in my place?  I'd do anything not to have to walk around that park tomorrow!"  In the ninety degree steamy, San Antonio heat with this boy who's on overload!  Just me and him All Freaking Day!  I'm thinking -I swear I would pay someone to go in my place.  Can't I hire a big brother since the one he has isn't worth a damn?!!

I even barter sexual favors with my husband if he would trade places with me.  Of course he was glad to oblige!  But I knew that he wouldn't have the patience that I would.  His fuse is even shorter than mine -not to mention his infamous bad knee.  It would be so hard for him to walk all over that park.  Between the knee and the lack of patience, Red wouldn't be able to have much fun at all.

Cut to the park.  A friend of mine tells me that you can get a pass from Hospitality so that your child with autism doesn't have to stand in line. It's a very simple process.  They give us this little blue pass that allows him to go through the exit and give this pass to the operator, who will let them on the ride.  I go through this process with him for several rides, walking across the sauna like park .  He gets the swing of things.  I then find a comfortable cool seat where I play word games on my Kindle as I sit in the shade.  We are in touch with each other via cell phone.  He checks in with me periodically.

He finishes up his day of riding and video taping.  We have dinner at his favorite restaurant BJ's and then we hightail it to our hotel.  It's a 90 minute drive back home.  However, I knew after a day at the park, I wouldn't feel up to driving back home.  We used points to book a hotel suite so that I could drive 10 minutes to go pass out afterward.

One may wonder...why are you going by yourself?  What about your husband, your other kids? Yes...I have three children and a husband.  My eldest atypical son (age 23) I don't talk about much here. He is off living his life without much regard to the family who raised him, including his teenage brother who could really use a big brother.   Well, we are not your typical family who can go off for a day of family fun and actually enjoy it.

Blue got to spend the day with his dad -alone!  Breakfast at I-Hop followed by going to the movies to see "Fast Five."  They went to the mall and then bowling.  They had a fun-filled day together.

Just the 2 of Us! 
This option kept the day simple.  I didn't have to be pulled in 2 directions as one child wants to go one way and the other child wants to go another.  I didn't have to deal with my husband's complaining about his bad knee. We could listen to Linken Park in the car without anyone complaining.
I had the flexibility to march to Red's beat for the day -to only have one high maintenance being to deal with.

I am proud to say...I survived without incident.  He was cooperative.  He didn't complain (much) about anything.  For the day, he was able to have things HIS WAY.

The following morning I listen as Red is singing in the shower.  Blue hates when his brother sings.  He would have been having a fit if he were there.  I smile as I hear him singing.  The boy who usually talks about how horrible his life singing.  Singing ='s least for the moment!.

Here is the video that he made:

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