Monday, February 15, 2016

Autism-isms -Snow Days by Jamie Cruit Knopik

Editorial Note: 
Today I am pleased to bring to you this guest post by fellow autism mama Jamie Cruit Knopik. 
When I read this post on a private support group, I knew I had to share it here on the blog. It has that loving autism-mom, quirky sarcasm, exhaustion and a side order of humor about this crazy autism life, that I  love. 

In the wonderful state of Minnesnowta, there are some hardcore, Eskimo-like, winter surviving people. We don't get too many snow days. If they shut down schools, it's Defcon 2. Well, we hit that on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

I'm talking early release, stuck in the house, stir crazy, iPads are dead cuz you won't let them charge, destroy the house, acting a fool, kill yo brother, have 20 meltdowns, autizzle to the nizzle, freak out, shove handfuls of chocolate down your esophagus (ok that was me), go all The Shining up in here type of days.

Then we have Autism.
Lovely, lovely Autism.
Autism NEEDS school. Like every single day.
Autism needs structure, routine, and an Occupational therapist on hand.
Autism hates snow days.
Snow days, bad.
Snow days Bring out the crazy.
Winter gate causes Autism to go all nuclear and have an Autism meltdown. Nobody wants this. Cuz there ain't no meltdown, like an autism meltdown. Cuz an autism meltdown won't stop. (Thanks Master P for the inspiration).
My house looks like it was ransacked by looters looking for free TVs.
A good bit of Monday was spent cleaning it up from the weekend.
If it was summer, they'd be outside swinging and half naked trampolining. (Donovan).
But it's winter so they are inside naked, trampolining all over my couch.
Today they are back in school, and I am exhausted.
I need to clean my war zone, but I'm sooo wiped out and running dangerously low on chocolate.
Autism doesn't just affect the person who has it;
Autism also affects those who do not.
I have second hand Autism.
The moral of the story is that autism and snow days don't mix.
Autism is hard all the time, but on snow days, Autism is a punk ass bitch.
That is all.
Off I go to clean the trenches.
Carry on.

Jamie lives near the metro area of Minneapolis Minnesota. She has three children on the spectrum. Donovan will be 15 in April, Gracie will be 10 in May, and Alex will be eight in May. She also has a three-month-old baby boy named Davin.  Jamie is in the process of writing a book called Autism-isms: My life on Autism Avenue. I can't wait to read it!