Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love Thy Neighbor / Kill Thy Brother

Last night I dreamed of my neighbor who has not been well in quite some time.  I've been wanting to visit her ...prepare a meal for her family.  O.k. Who am I kidding? I know I don't have time for that. So last week, I bought her a beautiful plant.  Since she was in my dream last night, I knew that I had to visit her --today. No excuses.

The boys are having a snack and watching Sponge Bob, together, almost peacefully.  I think it's a good time for me to make a quick exit to my neighbors house. My mom is at home, of course.  I'm going over for 15 or 20 minutes.  They will be fine. No problem, right? Right?

As I am leaving Red whines, "But where are you going? I want to come."
"Come on dude.  I'll only be gone for a few minutes. I don't know exactly how she's doing.  I want to visit her by myself."
Why I need to explain this...I have no idea.
"But I want to pray for her!"
"Great. You can pray for her from right here.  I'll be right back."

15 minutes later, there is a ring at my neighbor's door.  Guess who? Not one, but both boys.  They are panting as if they've been running.  I notice an object in Blue's hand. It's a bar-b-q spatula -a large one.

"I'm sorry mom but I just wanted to come over here and see Ms. C. and Blue was chasing me," Red says panting and trembling.
"Mom! You told him not to come over here, so I was trying to stop him! He just doesn't listen!"

Imagine these two huge teenage boys, chasing each other across the street, one with a spatula in his hand,  yelling at his older brother.  "GO.BACK.HOME! You need to learn how to listen!"

My neighbor's husband is also standing at the door.  Yeah. I'm slightly mortified.
I separate the boys and ask Blue to please go home.  I can't send them both together, obviously. Blue objects at first, but finally agrees to go.

Well, neighbor! I hope you were up for a little excitement!  No that's not just your pain meds kicking in.  That's my real life crazy, following me to your house!

She invites Red in.  She tells him to calm down.  He prays with her.  She is touched by his gesture.  It was a beautiful moment actually.  After a totally, ludicrous one.

We make a quick exit.  I return across the street where Blue is waiting ...spatula still in hand.

He proceeds to tell me loudly how much of an idiot his brother is -and that was one of the nicer words he used.  Oh, this is before I can even make it through the front door.  Oh yeah.  He is yelling and swearing loud enough for all of the neighbors to hear in the front yard.

The only thing that finally shut him down was when I told him, the neighbors just might call the cops because he is disturbing the peace!

After things simmer down, I remain in the front yard to do a little raking, and weeding.  I only had 2 neighbors, stop their cars to ask, why I was breaking my back when I have 2 big teenage boys who live here, for free!

Oh neighbors have no idea.

Watching the Sunset after the drama
amethyst & reiki gemstones for protection from the crazy.
Believe it or not I'm at peace.