Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Freaks, Geeks & Aspergers

Editorial Note: This was written by my 13 year-old son Blue.  He was inspired after reading, "Freaks, Geeks and Aspergers" by then 13 year-old Luke Jackson.  He put this article together...on his own and submitted it to his Language Arts teacher and to the Principal at his school.  The school principal allowed him to read it on the daily announcements.  When he came back to class, his peers gave him a standing ovation: 

Do people call you a "freak?" Do you feel different from others? It may be what others think, but you're not a freak.  You have a gift! Some people have autism and even more have ADHD, but this article focuses on Aspergers Syndrome (AS), which falls under the autism spectrum.  This is a very helpful article.

So what is Aspergers you ask? Well...some kids say it's bad, but it's not! It's defined as a disability but I think it's a gift. (I know, I just repeated) It's also known as High Functioning Autism (HFA).  People who have it have a few problems such as social skills, anxiety and more.  So they may not have a lot of friends. or don't have any friends.  But they are very smart too.  They usually have a special interest and know a lot about it; sometimes they can bore you to death when they talk about it a lot. Some people think that they're freaks because of the bad things.  We shouldn't judge their differences, we should help them, be a friend, support them and be kind.

Now there are other disabilities too.  They also need help.  Some AS peeps can't think about other people's feelings, they are stuck in their own closed world and even repeat themselves.  Don't pick on people who are different because you are too!

For those of you bullies who tease them, or think you're popular, you are wrong.  Popularity is not real. You are no better than them!  Remember, everyone is unique and should be themselves.  It makes me feel horrible when others criticize me for being myself.  You shouldn't have to be someone else to fit in.  You should be able to be yourself.  You chose who you want to be!

People with Asperger's Syndrome may help change the world if we put down our differences and accept each other. When they are adults, they will have worked on and learned how to handle their AS.  Having Aspergers to me, helps me focus on my interest and know a lot about it, like computers and cars.  I try to help others in lots of ways, especially kids with AS.  I even spoke twice at a teachers conference about AS so they could help their students with AS.  I am a compassionate person.

So now you have some information about autism, try to be a friend.  Remember AS peeps, you are not a freak! You are unique.  Others, please be considerate.

If you want to know more about teens with Aspergers, I'd recommend a very good book by a 13 year-old with Aspergers called, "Freaks, Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome."  There are other good books to educate youself.  I would recommend you read them, or just talk to me.  Try to understand people with autism and be patient.

Oh and it's cool to be different.  I hope that this article helped someone's life.  I really want to impact their lives in a good way.

"If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity." -John F. Kennedy.

While Blue was reading this announcement over the P.A. system, there was an ARD (Admissions, Review, Dismissal) meeting going on.  The parents were facing the option of having their child evaluated for autism and putting him in to the Social skills support system that the school has to offer.  After hearing Blue speak they said, "If you can do that for our son...sign us up!" 

Yep...he got his wish.  He changed at least one life.  I didn't give him the extraordinary math and science gene...but I think I gave him the gift of wanting to make the world a better place.  

I am one proud mama! 

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