Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bullying the SuperCop

Blue comes home very upset yesterday after school.  I know...what else is new right?  He says to me, "This kid went on the computer and looked up my ID number!  Then he yelled it out in front of all of these people!  They all know my ID number and they were saying out loud.  They're going to steal my lunch money!" 

Who knew...there is a problem with identity theft in middle school?

This is the same kid I've talked about before...the Shoe Licking Kid.  This kid just irritates the heck out of my boy.  He knows for sure that he can get a pay off.  If I say this...he will blow a gasket!  Is he really bullying?  Is he really trying to intimidate Blue.  I don't really think so.  He's just trying to be a pain int he ass and it's working.  

According to Blue however, there are four of these kids who make an effort to tease and make fun of him in some way shape or form almost daily.  "They come up to me and say these things to me while I'm trying to work.  They distract me and make me feel uncomfortable.  They make me feel like not coming to school everyday."

A big part of the issue for Blue is that he really would like to control his environment to include other people's behavior.  He does this at home with his brother.  He has to chime in on every single action his brother takes.  It's really like he can't control himself.  He brings attention to himself at school by playing this role of SuperCop.  My husband was there for a meeting once and he saw it in action.  He sees a bunch of kids horsing around outside.  He yells, "Hey you kids! Cut that out!" Totally...none of his business.  Yet, he really can not see that this plays any part in kids making him a target.  He just feels that it's unfair that they treat him this way.  

I validate and understand his feelings.  I don't want these kids making him feel bad.  He says to me last night, "I just need someone to help me.  I need someone to be on my side.  I just want to do my work without anyone bothering me."  All I could say is, "I understand."  Whenever I try to address the issue of the role that he plays...he gets angry with me.  

He does have a right to go to school and be comfortable and not have to worry about creepy kids coming up to him and saying irritating things.  I just don't know how much of that can actually be controlled.  They are not threatening him...or intimidating him, but they are still making him feel bad. 

He made an incident report this morning about the identification theft.  He wrote an excellent review of the situation.  "I've have various incidences with this student."  He's tired of it.  Quite frankly, so am I.