Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Post Today!

Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles

Hey y'all!  I live in Texas if you don't know that already.  Today, I actually read a newsletter from one of my son's teachers that  had the word y'all in it...not proper English by any stretch,  but if you live in Texas long enough...

Anyhoo, (not proper English either) I am guest posting today over at The Connor Chronicles for Ms. Flannery who has a six-year old with Aspergers and severe ADHD.  Flannery is a hilarious writer.  I tried to be funny for her readers who expect that when they come to her blog...but I will never live up to her comedic talent.  

The post is titled Five Things I Wish I Had Known when my children were younger (that are now coming back to bite me in the ass!)  Something about posting on Flannery's blog left me feeling entitled to use a little Rated PG-13 language.  So if you don't like things a little spicy...oh well!

Please visit, read, laugh and enjoy!

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