Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dear Diary

Today I am grateful...

We survived a week of family vacation to Maryland and Washington D.C.  to see my husband's family.  There are many good moments to be remembered.  Lots of family that we have not seen in several years.  Cousins we met, some for the first time, some --so long ago that the boys don't remember.  Time spent with grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Stories of my husband's childhood shared...some of which explain a lot of my kids behaviors. he gets that from dad!  Confirmation that Blue and Dad are alike in MANY ways!

Meals were given in our honor.  Stories of family history --what great-grandparents were like...what grandparents were like when they were children.  What Hubby's parents were like during their marriage and during their teenage years.  Family history fills in the blanks, telling us about who we are today because of where we have come from.

Of course, there was the family drama de jour.  Who is not speaking to whom and why? At the same time, everyone comes together long enough to celebrate the marriage and the future of a new segment of the family, squashing grievances and differences --if only for the moment.

A family wedding...a first for the boys.  I busy myself explaining what it all means.  "Why are all of those people walking down the isle?  Are they getting married too?  Are they going to have any food that I like?  Why is the music so loud?  It's too loud in here! Why are all of these little kids running around? When is this going to be over?"

I am grateful for the love and acceptance that the boys get from their family --for the instant connection that they experience every time they see their cousins.  There is no judgement.  There is no, "Why's he acting weird?  Why does he ask so many questions?"  They just hang out, play and enjoy each other.  

I am particularly excited to meet the newest members of our family. Caleb and Aaron ages 1 and 2.  I got some wonderful hugs from Aaron.  I fell in love instantly.

I am especially grateful that Red spent the majority of the time with his grandmother while we were in Maryland.  I am grateful that she is able to see what a piece of work he is.  I am grateful that she is patient, kind and understanding, yet firm enough not to allow him to run over her.  I am the most grateful that he will spend the next two weeks with her!  She will take him and his 14 year-old cousin to Myrtle Beach, where they will swim and play.  They will also spend time at her home in Maryland.  He gets along well with his cousin.  They will have a great time together and I will have a much needed break!

Now of course this vacation also had it's not so great moments.  I will save that for another day.  Today I bask in grace...

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