Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear L.A.

I love you so!
I love that you hold so many memories, friends and family in your hands.
Thank you for showing me a glimpse of freedom on this long weekend.
Thank you for giving me a break from my reality of worries, Aspergers, teenage depression, anger and mommy duties.
Thank you for allowing me to see all of my brothers and sisters in one place, all together again.
Thank you for the added surprise of my brother Byron coming in from St. Louis.
Byron, Dad, Me and Ward Jr. (Kevin and Sheila MIA)

Karsen, Me, Ward, Friend, Mary, Byron, Kevin, Dad on Dad's 82nd! 
Thank you for giving me time with my 82 year-old father for his birthday.
For seeing him alert, alive, still flirting with women, for listening to the slew of curse words that come out of his mouth.
Dad -Flirting with the Laker Girls!
For the very strange "prayer" he said over our meal in which he says, "Whatever you yourself first and grow up to be like me!" (By the way, God was nowhere in this prayer).
Thank you for taking me out dancing and for me seeing my old friends and my high-school prom date.  (Wow! that was exciting.  For a while there, I forgot who I was.)
Me, Prom Date, and middle school friend. Fun!!!!
 Jenny and Mary

Sister Sandy

Thank you for the best massage ever from Ma Lee, this tiny Asian women (who darn near gave me a happy ending).
Thank you for the time, conversations and laughter that I shared with my girilfriend of 23 years.  Love you forever!

My Cutie-pie Nephew!
Thank you for allowing me to spend time getting to know my niece and especially, my nephew of 3 years.  (Wow! That boy can talk!)
Thank you for the hospitality of all who accommodated me in your lovely homes.
Thank you for all of my homies who drove miles to see me -if only for a short visit.
Thank you for the lovely weather you gave me during my visit, the sunny days and the cool nights.

It was Perfection!

I love you L.A.

I will be back soon.

Oh...L.A. you can keep your traffic!  It's the only thing that you have that truly sucks!

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