Monday, February 14, 2011

White Chocolate Macadamia

It's an absolutely perfect Sunday.  We go from freezing temperatures during the week to seventy degrees and sunshine.  I go into the backyard to do poop patrol and to pick up a few weeds.  The sun feels so good, I decide I can't possibly go back inside.  I have to take advantage of it.

I sit my bottom on the bottom of the slide on our playscape which is drenched in sun.  I lay back.  Five minutes later, my back can't take it.  I can no longer lay on my back without cushion.  I pull the cushion off of the bench and put it on the slide.  I position it just right so that Harry (my dog) and I can lay down. It is so peaceful --so quiet, I meditate. I fall asleep.

I am awakened of course, by Blue who comes to ask me where I want to go have dinner.  We decide on a new place that has a little bit of everything in hopes to satisfy everyone.  I tell Red that we will leave promptly at 4 p.m.  If he wants to go, he must be ready on time.  We will not wait.  Surprisingly, he agrees, and is actually ready on time.  Of course, he has to argue about where we are going because it's somewhere we have never been.  All things must be familiar.  The place has cheeseburgers.  That's all that should really matter.

We arrive at the restaurant which is not very crowded at all.  That should have been the first sign that the food wouldn't be all that great.  Red decides not to sit with us, but to sit at the table next to us.  Whatever -the place is nearly empty.  He actually puts his head down on the table laying his upper body on it as well.

"Are you too weak to hold your body up?" I ask.

"No...I'm just bored," he replies.

"Do you see anyone else in this entire restaurant laying down on the table?"

He looks around.


"That's because it's inappropriate.  A restaurant is not a place for a nap."

He sits up but his shoulders are slumped over  --his body is in the shape of the letter C.  He is wearing a sharp, fitted Calvin Klein shirt which could make his upper body look quite attractive.  The effect is ruined by his slumping shoulders.  I give him a mirrored image of himself and ask, "Would you be attracted to a girl if you saw her sitting like this?"

"Stop it mom!" he says as he sits up straighter.

Dinner is less than fulfilling for all of us.  I bring up the idea of going somewhere else for dessert.  Blue perks up with a huge smile on his face. "Dessert! That's just what I need right now," he says excitedly.

"I want to go home! I don't want to go anywhere else!"

Discreetly, I ask my husband what he thinks about going to BJ's  Red's favorite place for dessert.  He agrees.  We make the announcement to the kids, suddenly we get a huge uncharacteristic smile out of Red.  He absolutely loves their white chocolate macadamia cookie with ice cream on top.

BJ's Famous Pizookie®

The Gorgeous $5000 (cost of braces) smile that we don't often get to see!

Yum! From the grateful one...

The smile from Red was solicited before he goes off on us about not having enough dessert, because I didn't let him order the large one.  He goes on a fifteen minute rant about how unfair we are.  How he hates he brother, because of course Blue is being gracious and Red can't stand that.   

Gotta love it! Or NOT... 

Happy Valentines Day! May your day filled with Love.

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