Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pray with Me Today

Dear Lord,

Please open the heart and mind of my son today.  
Help him to feel the love of his family and friends both near and far.
Help him to recognize your love and see that you and your son reside within his heart.
Help him to love himself as you love him -as I love him.  
Help him to realize that what he is going through is just temporary. 
Help him to see his future as a positive one -that high school is just a means to an end.  
Help him to find at least one special friend who will be a positive influence and help him feel supported at school.  

Let someone reach out to him today.  
Help him to reach out in service to others.  
Let helping others, even in a small way, fill his heart with gladness. 
Keep his thought process positive. 
Bless him with a smile on his face so that others feel invited in to his heart. 
Lift his head to the sky. 
Guide me to continue to put the right supports in place for him.  
Help us to parent him with patience, love and balanced discipline.  
Guide those employed to assist him to come up with creative ideas. 
Let our home be a refuge and haven from the storms of life.  
Let it be a peaceful place where love flows. 

In Jesus name



  1. Wonderfully written. It made me cry! Just awesome!!

    God Bless!
    mom of a 5 yr old Aspie

  2. I love this prayer. I read it several times. : )