Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fight

For some reason folks from all over the world google this post.  So I thought I would feature it today.  I hope you enjoy it...

I was battling and fighting with everyone in my dreams last night.  I had to wake myself up because I was so tired of fighting.  Right now I can't remember who all I was fighting with.  By fighting I mean arguing mostly.

I went to bed last night in a bit of a mood for that very reason.  I'm just so tired of the fight -the fights between brothers over anything and everything, the fights between father and one son or another.  Fighting to get them to behave.  I am the official referee when they are all fighting.

Last night my mother weighed in on the fight -the constant battles in our house.  I had taken her out for dinner and cocktails an in her inebriated, relaxed state, she felt free to give me her unsolicited opinion.  We had just gone to a movie.  I would have preferred to talk about that instead of how I raise my children.  I was feeling rather relaxed myself by the martini I was drinking.  She instantly killed my buzz.

Red -who had reached his goal of getting what he wanted, only to find out that it isn't what he thought it would be, thus -he is not happy.  Thus -he is being ungrateful and already asking for something else.  Thus -Dad is totally done with him.  Thus -he is being a pain in ass to everyone in the house.

When I come home -buzz already killed, Red pounces on me verbally about what else -why what he has isn't working the way he thinks it should and why he needs something else to make it better.  "I can not help you with that," I say and then retreat to my room.

Blue accompanies me.  We lock the door behind us.  We want to close out the rest of the world for a while. We watch a couple of family comedies on the DVR, "The Middle" and "Modern Family".  He gets it. We laugh together.  He says to me, "I'm glad that made you feel better Mom." I thank him for hanging with me and for caring about my feelings.

This morning I play possum, pretending to be asleep when Red enters my room, uninvited, and stands over me and says, "Good Morning Mom". 

It's Sunday.  I want a peaceful day, I'm am not ready for another day of the fight.


  1. Asperger's is definitely a roller coaster ride! By the way.... I don't like roller coasters. Wishing you a melt-down free day!

  2. Hi Sue!

    So glad you're still reading. Thank you for the well wishes. It was not melt-down free but I thank God that I have the days when the boys are at school to recover. I am also thank you that my youngest is feeling so much better. I feel like I have my sweet boy back. The teenager...I give up! :-)