Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peace on Earth

First of all let me first say that I have finally been given a mother's right of passage.  Friday morning while sitting in the school parking lot with Red, my 15 year-old son I was told, "You are the worst mother on earth!"  All I could do was laugh.  As a result, he did not have the pleasure of telling me off from the comfort of the front seat of my car on the way home from school.  He road the bus!  He didn't have the pleasure of my company until nearly bedtime that night.  I ran away to a Zumbathon where I literally danced my ass off along with a truck load of stress. I then soothed my aching joints with a Chambord-rita and an appetizer at my favorite hang-out after the gym. 

I now have proof positive evidence that this child of mine will NEVER...ever , be satisfied.  He did it, he saved enough money for his blu-ray drive for the computer.  We ordered it for him. You would think that would shut him up for a while -not so.  We ordered it Friday.  We then got nine thousand questions about where we ordered from, which one we ordered, when will it arrive, why didn't we choose overnight shipping.  We finally had him read the printout to answer all of his questions so that he would have something concrete to refer back to for the future redundant questions.

Since he thinks that's in the bag...the disrespectful, loud, annoying behaviors ensued. On Saturday, he decided to clean and organize his room.  He is envious of his brother whose room is spotless and organized.  One would think this is a good thing.  He's cleaning and organizing right?  He decided that he doesn't want ANY books in his room.  He hates reading...why does he need books?  The chair that his friends sit in when they come over has a small tear in it....he must dispose of it.  Fine...but I will not be replacing it.  He sold his television to his older brother.  It wasn't a flat screen.  Who needs it? I guess his friends will sit on the floor when they visit and they will watch movies on his computer.  He got rid of expensive car models we bought him a few years ago.  They are now disposable.  Wow! Had to have them then...now -he has no use for these collectibles.

Somehow, by the end of the day...he needed a new desk, and a shelf for his monitor and keyboard.  He also decided he needs a new game controller for his computer.  The one he has, "doesn't work right."  Can't we just get him a new one.  "Why is dad's computer the fastest in this house?  Why can't I have some headphones like the ones Dad has?"

By the time Monday arrived we were at, "I just need a new computer.  Can you get me a new computer for Christmas? Why can't you just get me a new...faster computer?  It's not fair! Other kids have computers that support all of these new games.  My computer is crap!"  Un-freakin-believable! He has the second fastest computer in the house.

We are trying to teach the value of money by making him save for the things that he wants.  That does not however stop him from continuing to ask for more...over and over and over again.  He has now behaved his way out of having this blu-ray player installed by his father whenever it arrives.  He has screamed and yelled and cursed at all of us including his 71 year-old grandmother.  He made our Sunday afternoon a living hell!

Dad now insists that he wants a solid week of positive behavior before he will reward him with anything, including installing the player that he has been saving for and wanting for months. This will most likely be a recipe for next weekend being less than peaceful.  I guess it doesn't really matter if he gets it or not.  He will not be happy for long one way or another.

I think I hear my girlfriend in Houston calling me.  I just may have to go...

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  1. Sounds all to familiar Karen. I spent the WHOLE weekend organizing Legos for my 10-yr old Asperger child. He was getting frustrated because he can NEVER find anything he wants. What he wants of course is always the tiniest of pieces that would take hours to find in the 1000's probably millions of legos that child has. So yes, to hopefully curve future meltdowns, this mother sorted ALL weekend, he was grateful but made it known that had HE done it, he would have sorted them differently and I should have asked his input. Damn!! can a mom catch a break? Joy
    BTW, I post anonymous because I'm too lazy to sign up for a google account :-)