Thursday, October 7, 2010

On a Positive Note...

This weekend my best friend came in town to see me. She brought my god-child Ms. Bella who is now walking all over the place. They stayed downtown @ The Four Seasons and invited me to spend the night with them. I went down Friday afternoon after getting everyone all settled down here at home. Why is it that I have to make sure everyone is fed -and the refrigerator is fully supplied before I leave home? Wait a minute...I'm not supposed to be complaining in this post.

Friday night we had a light dinner on the patio with our baby girl. The babysitter came and off we went for an evening of cocktails and fine dining @ Eddie V's a posh seafood restaurant and bar in downtown Austin. There was a local jazz band of blind musicians who rocked the house with soulful tunes. We had a few martinis, delectable appetizers, and the most scrumptious creme brulee' that I have ever tasted in my life!

Babies don't care what time you went to bed or how many drinks you had. So we were up at 8 a.m. for breakfast -again on the patio. The day was beautiful, bright and sunny. After we ate, I lounged on a hammock over looking Town Lake while Bella and her mommy went for a walk. There was a yoga class on the lawn that I was too lazy to participate in. When Bella was all tired out -we went up stairs to put her down for a nap and we joined her in slumber for a couple of hours. Yes -we were sleeping off the martinis.

When she awakened we showered and took off for lunch al fresco at an Italian restaurant at a local outdoor shopping area. We walked and played at the playground. My son Blue joined us for an afternoon of play with his god-sister. As her mommy shopped -we went off and had our alone time with my little sunshine doll. We had ice cream, where she flirted with a group of young men. Then we followed her as she explored a little field of trees and plants. She found treasure in the acorns that she grasped tightly like they were golden nuggets.

It was this little get-away and time with two people that a love immensely that gave me the fortitude and strength to deal with what would be coming this week. Meltdowns, a run-away child, a sick husband, numerous doctors appointments, phone calls and e-mails to the schools. You know -my normal.

I send love and gratitude to the person who made me make myself a priority.


  1. Hello, I came across your blog via my son's doctor. My 10 yr old was diagnosed with asperger's in kindergarten (the second go around). My doctor ran across your blog and gave me the info. What great courage you have to write so many of the things and feelings that sometimes I feel so scared to say. Thanks for your blog. BTW, I live in the austin area and you do look very familiar to me. Any chance you worked at Dell or State Farm? My name is Joy

  2. Hi Joy!

    Thanks so much for your reading and for your comment. You wouldn't be talking about Dr. N -here Cedar Park would you?

    I've never worked for any of the places that you mentioned but you may have seen me at a local grocery store, at the YMCA or somewhere in the local area.

    I am often scared and ambivalent when I am writing. I write however to educate others about autism and to help others feel less alone in their journey.

    Please keep reading! And feel free to pass it on.


  3. Yes, Doctor N. He is awesome. He said you would give me some inspiration :-) I am often, if not always lost as to what to do with my asperger child. I try to read things on the internet but it is so overwhelming. School is awful for him and I am debating homeschooling him as I feel I have no options left. And yes, it is possible I have seen you around. Your stories about your son and medications, psychiatry, etc. petrify me as I feel my son is headed down that path. He often states his life "sucks", he hates himself and he is stupid. It tears me to pieces and I don't know what to do. I know of no one in my circle of friends who understands. It is a difficult journey. Thanks for your words. Joy

  4. Joy -would you like to get together for coffee sometime? I would love to chat with you and maybe share some of my journey with school, etc. for my son. He just moved into middle school but I have a great support system for him there.

    If you want to me