Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swim Team Part Deaux (2)

Yesterday's swim practice was slightly better.  One thing for sure is that he is getting a good workout!  Aren't work outs supposed to be good for your mood? NOT! He bitches and moans when I say it's time to get ready to go.  This is a normal...he bitches and moans whenever I ask him to do anything!  He will do it, but you have to hear the moaning first.  I just plan for it.

When coaxing him to get out of his bed to go to practice I say, "You know Kendal if you keep working out like this, by the time school starts the girls will be like, Wow! Who is that good looking guy with the muscles?"
To which he replies, "I don't care! Girls should like me for who I am and because I believe in God!" I have to admit...good answer!  Too bad the majority of teenage girls don't think like that.  Not that he is ready in any way, shape or form for a girlfriend!

As he's moaning about getting out of bed I lucky is this kid that he has a mom who will sign him up for sleep away camp, movie camp and swim team all in the same month.  (Yes...she is trying to keep him busy so he won't bug the shit out of her -but still!) What does he do?  "I DON'T WANT TO GO! I'm tired! Stop spending all this money on this stuff! Why can't you just buy me a new HD video camera? (To the tune of $550.00).  Why? "Because the list of things that you want is never ending and you're never satisfied.  We buy one thing and a week later, you want something else."  I didn't mention that the video camera will not keep you busy enough and away from me for at least part of the day!

People with Aspergers tend to get fixated on things, and when they do they can be relentless in talking about them.  Kendal is fixated on expensive computer programs and video equipment.  We bought him a camera for Christmas which is now 'not good enough'.  We got tired of the constant asking and told him that he had to earn and save money for the things that he wants.  So he started a video editing business making home movies and DVD slide presentations for friends, family, teachers, and anyone who would listen to his pitch!  Then he became fixated on ways to find new business.  That's not a bad thing, however, somehow that became our responsibility and problem too!  He made and saved enough money to buy a few things, but since his list is ceaseless, his business slowed down before his list of wants did.  So he's back to begging...DAILY, HOURLY, RELENTLESSLY!

Back to swimming -once I got him to the pool, he did much better.  The coach actually got in the water to physically show him, instead of just telling him. I was so grateful to see that!  I thought, 'Wow this guy must have gone home and did some research.'  I actually saw, pride and accomplishment on Kendal's face during the session.  Of course, immediately following his session he comes over to me, with that same painful expression and says, "Mom...I really need that video camera!"

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  1. I was hoping mine would grow out of it (he is 11). :-(