Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Camp

I showed up in my doctors office last summer, looking like I was on the brink between crazy and insane.  She could see that I was about ready to choke somebody! I love my doctor because she asks questions and gives no non-sense practical answers.  She doesn't just treat your symptoms, she treats the whole body, mind and spirit.  My spirit was drained and it was obvious.  She made me vow to get the boys heavily scheduled with time away from me this summer.  Otherwise she'd have to give me massive drugs to keep from killing them or myself!

So far Kendal has taken a short trip to Georgia with his father, Cole has taken two weeks of art lessons and last week Kendal went to a sleep away Christian camp for a week! (Thank you God!) He went with his best friend, who also has special needs.  His friend had some issues and went home after the 3rd day.  After that I worried constantly and waited anxiously for the phone to ring, with the the camp leader telling me to come and pick him up.  It never happened.  He Made it! He stayed all week long without the comforts of home, mom, boxed sugary cereal, Mc Donald's, computer, Facebook, YouTube, IPod...nada! Cold showers with spiders crawling near by, cabins with 10 other boys, and no air conditioning. He made new friends instead of negatively focusing on the one he came to hang out with, who was no longer there. He learned about being a Christian and wants to be baptized.  He said he wants to change his life and be a better person.  He wants to learn how to forgive and not seek revenge when girls say and to things that are hurtful to him.

I stood 10 feet tall with pride! At the same time, I was in shock.  I've only spent his entire life trying to teach him these principles. How is it that he seemed to have learned within a weeks time?  Of course, he's only touched the surface of what trying to be "christ-like" is really about.  Baptism is a symbol of wanting to be better.  It is not a miracle that will change you.  YOU still have to do the work...constantly.  You will still be human, you will still have Aspergers and difficulty with anger at times.  But dear lord, it's a good start!

Cut to 5 minutes after being home.  He and his brother come to blows because he told him, "You have way too many sins! You need to get baptized!"