Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So What's the Problem?

Blue got a signature in his folder yesterday from his teacher which read, “Put his head down on his desk. Asked him to stand, shortly after, he left the room for 4 minutes.” I read this and think, I guess he needed a break. So what’s the problem? 

When you have autism often makes your mind wander. This is probably in part a defense mechanism when you need to shut the overstimulating world out.  So if there are a bunch of things going on in the classroom that you would not prefer to be a part of, or that are bothering you, every once in a while you will need a break. Otherwise you will probably loose it.

O.K. so he probably should have let the teacher that he needed a break instead of just walking out.  Blue's explanation made sense to me. "When you need to go to the bathroom, you are permitted to take a bathroom pass and go, so that's what I did."  Sound like a little mixed message?  If you mix the message, your average child will take the route of the message that works for him. An Aspergers child is very literal.  Once the rule is written in his mind, he follows it.

I think the teacher was a little unhappy that he really did not appear to be paying attention before he left the room.

This education system of expecting everyone to be the same and follow all of the idiotic rules just kills me.  Ever heard the term, "Don't sweat the small stuff?" Save your disciplinary measures for things that really matter.

Why does it chap my hide every time someone other than myself disciplines my children? I know it's a necessary evil. I can't be there all the time. I can't save them every time they fall. I just wish that sometimes they would cut them a break when they are doing something related to their disability. A kid starts to feel bad about himself when he's in trouble all of the freakin' time! I fully realize that if I intervene every time the teachers do something stupid, my voice will not be heard when it really counts.

So for today, I will have to take the advice that I always give my children, "Just let it go." At least for today.

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  1. Hello. Wanted to say thank you for the kind words, that was very nice to hear. I'm already enjoying these posts, looking forward to more of your insights. You seem to get right at the core of a situation, with the way you describe it, it's nice. Hope you're well.