Friday, September 9, 2011

Autism Sleeps

How I got roped in to having an autism sleep-over I do not know.  It's not his birthday, or any special occasion, but Blue is the most social Aspie I know.  He is constantly making plans with his friends, which I think is awesome.  He's smart enough and compassionate enough to be friends with others who have special needs, all of whom are very smart and have issues that are different.

So he and one of his friends decide they must have a sleep-over this weekend.  They have never done this before.  They hang out all the time but this will be a first.  I think the occasion is they both feel a little deprived of playtime since 7th grade started.  Blue has just been overwhelmed with the rigor and schedule of homework.  It is seriously infringing on his time to relax and "hang out" with his friends.

Since it is a holiday weekend, they schedule it for Sunday night.  Meanwhile on Saturday, Blue calls his friend Jay to ask him to come over.  Jay can't make it on Saturday, but would like to come on Sunday (the day that Twin1) is coming over.  They all know each other from elementary school.  So I say it's fine that Jay and Twin1 come over on the same evening. Jay does not plan on spending the night.  On Sunday, Twin2 decides he also wants to come over and spend the night.  Therefore, I end up with 3 boys instead of just the 1. Lucky me!!!

They all behave beautifully.  They play board games, and video games of course.  There is a little horsing around, but nothing too loud or rambunctious.  While on the computer, Blue is constantly monitoring weather.  Why? I do not know.  We haven't had rain in almost 3 months.  He finds that there is a fire warning in our city, due to the extreme heat and drought.  When they notice the fire warnings, they all come downstairs.

"There's a fire warning...we're all going to die."
"Are we going to burn up?"
"We have to search the area for fires!"
 I allow them to go out to search for fires.  I give them a flash light and tell them to stay within a 1 block radius in which I know there are no fires.
Minutes later they come back...there is no immediate danger they all report.  Blue tries really hard to get all nervous and anxious.  I respectfully ask him to just try to enjoy his friends instead of worrying.  He obliges.

Later, Jay has a close call where he almost has to leave the party early.  He is afraid to use our bathroom because our fans are too loud.  He has this "thing" with fans right now.  Note...actually running the fan in our bathrooms is optional.  You can just turn on the light.  That is not an option for him, however.  I try putting a pillow over one of the fans to mute the sound...not good enough.  As I am calling his mom to help me solve the problem...Blue solves it for me.  He goes into the bathroom with Jay to make sure everything is o.k.  while he is using it!  This is huge!  He won't let any of us near the bathroom when he's using it.  And he would never come into the bathroom with one of us.  Wow! What he won't do for his friends!

Oh...and that whole sleeping issue he has...where he has a fit if he has to sleep with anyone else in the room...out the window!  He totally forgot about that when he slept with all of the boys in his room.  He did wear his ear plugs --just in case someone snored, but that was it!  Remember our Bed-Hopping sleeping disaster on our family vacation.  Blue would rather sleep on the floor in the bathroom, than sleep next to his brother.

The next morning...the boys wake up.  I am in my room, in my bed, on my laptop when they ALL COME MARCHING INTO MY ROOM. "Good morning.  What's for breakfast?"  HELLO!!! Boundaries???  Why are there 12 year old boys in my bedroom?  How about Blue knocks on the door...waits for me to come and answer before they all come marching in???  It was just too funny.

I must say...I truly enjoyed having the boys in my home.  It was so good seeing them all enjoy such a typical, teenage-boy activity, with laughter and a sense of comfort.  No one was teased, taunted or made fun of.  They just had a pure good time and I received so much joy from watching them.