Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

10 years ago today I had a 2 year-old toddler and a 5...nearly 6 year-old boy who had just started kindergarten.  On that fateful morning...I had been awakened in the middle of the night when little Blue crawled into my bed after having a bad dream.  We did the back and forth bed hopping for a while, so when the alarm went off to get Red to was hard to get up.  After I got him off to school,  I came back upstairs,  crawled back in to bed and passed out.  

I was in a deep sleep when I was abruptly awakened by the phone ringing.  It was my husband telling me to turn on the television. A plane had just hit the one of the towers of the World Trade Center.   I was dazed and confused, but I turned the television on.  I thought I had to be dreaming.  What happened?  How could a plane get that far off course and fly into the tower?  As I was trying to wake myself up enough to get clarity on what was going on.  The second tower was hit.  This was not a dream.  It was a nightmare. 

In the days that followed...there were lots of tears shed in this house and all over the country.  I mostly ached for all of the children who's parents went to work that morning just as they do everyday, or who got on one of those flights for a business trip, but they would not be coming home...ever.