Monday, March 28, 2011

I Stand Corrected

In a previous post Fun Destroyer, I tell a story about Red acting really ugly towards his brother on a family outing.

I have been told by Blue that Mean Jean and The Fun Destroyer are two different characters of the Unthinkables in the Michelle Garcia Social Thinking program.   Mean Jean's powers are, "Insulting others...he can be very bossy and hog all of the attention."  The Fun Destroyer is another character who looks like a basketball.  He apparently can get angry if he's loosing a game and spoil the game for everyone, thus destroying the fun.  So I stand corrected, and apologize for mischaracterizing Ms. Garcia's characters.

O.K. so I got my facts screwed around a little.  I still say, that Red can very often be a combination of these two characters.  He hates to see others having fun when he is making the choice not to.  Sometime he's just too depressed and when you are truly unhappy, it throws your thinking way off.  When he is in one of these moods, he will call his brother names and act ugly if he is not the center of attention.  This has been the case since they were very small.  He never wanted it to be his brothers birthday.  He would scream and cry if it wasn't all about him.  Sometimes he would sing, "Happy Birthday to Me!" on his brother's birthday.

He did surprise me this weekend.  We had a social group Meetup for middle and high schoolers with Aspergers at a local yogurt shop.  The group ate yogurt sundaes and played board games together.

When we first arrive, Red has this look on his face like either A) he is about to have teeth pulled or B) he is seriously constipated.  I thought there is no way he is going to "get" this board game, much less enjoy playing it.  With his Dad's help and involvement,  he did manage to have fun and he didn't get mad when his brother did the same.

Red -not frowning! 

Blue -sort of observing the chess game. 

I think Dad had more fun than any of the boys!

It was really nice to have a peaceful family outing for a change.  Now if we could have just kept those clouds away so Blue didn't spend the last hour pacing back and forth with anxiety over a possible thunderstorm. 

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