Saturday, March 26, 2011

Funny Things

Looking with the naked eye, people with Aspergers can appear to be rude at times.   They can be brutally blunt, saying exactly what's on their mind, not thinking how it may make another person feel.  They don't always remember their social etiquette.  They may walk into a room and forget to speak to everyone.  They may walk through a door and let it slam right in the face of someone walking behind them.   That has happened to me, more than once in my quest to teach my young men how to be gentlemen.

Well...a couple of funny things happen as I'm dropping Blue off at school this week:

As Blue is getting out of the car we see an old friend of ours walking towards our car.  Blue gets out and says hi.  They walk towards the front door of the school.  Blue is leading the pack.  He opens the door and stands back, allowing the group of three to enter in front of him.  Then he turns around and sees a group of students approaching from a few feet away.  He waits and holds the door for the entire group.

I drive away saying, "YES! That's my boy!"  Wishing I had someone to give a high-five too.  That would be you I guess -my readers.

The following day we see a girl get out of the car in front of us.  She is wearing those little Daisy Duke butt cheek shorts.  She has long legs and isn't particularly shapely, but still.  I say, "I thought those kind of shorts weren't allowed at school."

Blue checks her out and says, "I guess she wants to be Playboyed."  

I crack up laughing.  What does he mean?  Does he mean objectified by boys like the women who display their bodies in Playboy Magazine.  What does he know about Playboy?

"Playboyed?  What does that mean?" I ask.

"You know...what's that word when boys make comments to a girl because she's wearing something showing her body? You know when they tease her and whistle...stuff like that."

" you mean teased?"

"No...not teased."

"You mean harassed."

"Yeah...I guess I mean harassed."

Wow! Welcome to middle school!  This boy is becoming a man.  Thankfully he's too shy to do any harassing...I hope.

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