Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Village People

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. Every person enters your life to teach you something.

This morning I had breakfast with the Transition Coordinator for special education in our school district.  She is also the Principal of the Adult Transition program that Red is in now. Feeling desperate for answers for moving into the next phase for Red, I messaged her last week and asked her if she could meet with me privately, before our next meeting with him.

We first met years ago when Blue did a presentation at our school district's teachers conference, on why students should participate in their I.E.P.  (individual education plan) meetings. You can read about that experience here on my blog. Yep. That was my kid!  

She was the teary eyed administrator attending his presentation. In that moment she made me realize that there are administrators special education in our district who are in it for the right reasons. She is one of the special ones who really cares about the lives of the students she touches. She genuinely wants to see them become successful and independent.

Since then, this wonderful woman helped me put Red on the right path by mapping out his future through a process they call a V.I.S.I.T. meeting. Together, we got him out of the high school where he was not thriving at all. We placed him in another high school program, that although not perfect, worked much better for him. We got him through high school a semester early even, and into adult transition, because we could clearly see, that the high school environment was just not the place for him.

She runs his PCP (Person Centered Planning) meetings here at our home. Where a group of mentors, including teachers, job coaches, and his Pastor come together periodically to help him work on personal goals for his life.
I took her to breakfast today, so that we could talk one on one, about the next steps with Red and the possibilities for him finding a supported living environment.

What an excellent resource, friend, and the example of an Administrator who truly wants to make the lives of those with disabilities better.

They are out there people! Get involved and get to know the powers that be in your area. We need all that the resources and help that we can get. I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child.  Even more so, when they are children like mine. We are so blessed to have her as one of our village people.