Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You Got Played

Blue has been putting on this very elaborate, dramatic act about how much he HATES his brother! "He's so stupid! He's so annoying!"
He tries to pick a fight at every possible turn.  He gives me… 
 “The kids at school HATE me, that's why I'm so angry! You HATE me! Why are are you always mad at me? All you ever to is tell me what I’m doing wrong,” excuse.  

The gestures, the grimacing and yelling are all very exaggerated. This happens at any given moment when Red crosses his path, even if he’s doing absolutely nothing to Blue. I don’t care how good of a mood he has been in up until that point.  Red enters a room and he becomes a raging monster! 

I told him every time he says, "YOU HATE ME” to me, I'm going to give him a kiss.  (He HATES kisses.)  Also, his weekends are about to get very boring (no friends over) if he starts one more fight. Oh, and “Don’t ask me to take you to the Apple store or any other special favors.” 

The next thing you know ...I find the two of them TOGETHER, in Red's room watching Dragon Ball Z. 

Just how long do you think you can play me dude? What do you have up your sleeve next for attention? As if I don't already give you enough! 

To think I never used to think that my sweet, wonderful sad, little Aspies, who have so many strikes against them in the world, would try to purposefully manipulate me for attention?  

Mama you got played! They may have Aspergers but they are still children ...teenagers, who never get enough attention. 

Well, I’ll give you attention alright, but you may be sorry you asked for it.