Sunday, August 11, 2013

Educational Advocacy 101 for Parents

Hey Peeps!

Today I was a part of a panel on Back to Us -Blog TalkRadio about advocating for our kids in educational settings. I would love if you would check it out. It is archived here....

Educational Advocacy 101 for Parents 08/11 by Back To Us | Education Podcasts

Also if you haven't read the post on this blog about I.E.P's (Individual Education Plans) you really should.  There is a wealth of information here.

A Tale of 2 I.E.P.'s -is written by me about two very different I.E.P. meetings I had for both of my sons.

Surviving the I.E.P. is written by my friend Le Linda Faulk and edited by myself.  Incredible resources are listed in this post.

Both of these posts have 2 be sure and read them all.