Monday, October 22, 2012


Since our Aspie kids have their own special flavor...I thought it would be fun to change up the #YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf hashtag that was originally started on twitter in November 2011, by Elise of Raising Aspergers Kids and@manyhatsmommyMI  to #YouMightBeAnAspieParentIf .

Last year the trend took off and connected so many autism parents all over the world.  Some of the tweets were funny.  Some of them were quite sad, but the best thing that came out of it all, was the connection of so many parents who were able to come together and feel less alone in this special, and sometimes difficult journey.  I would love to do the same for our community of Aspergers and HFA parents.

From time to time I list these quirky things about being a parent of an Aspie on my "Confessions" Facebook Page  and on my Twitter @KAspergersMom page.

Here are a few that I thought of lately:

#YouMightBeAnAspieParentIf -your kid says, "I was bad at school yesterday.  The kids were all being hyper in class.  They were making me laugh and drawing me in."  But you're not fact, you're happy because he was included!  And for once he wasn't being the fun police! Then he adds, "But I still got my work done." And you think...'Darn why couldn't you be a total rebel?'

#YouMightBeAnAspieParentIf -Your kid gets student of the week because he "always helps others, is respectful and always prepared" @school...yet, he comes home and bites your freakin' head off! 

#YouMightBeAnAspieParentIf -you have to tell your kid, "Hey! Stop talking about politics. You're supposed to be swimming," when he's at the neighborhood pool. 

#YouMightBeAnAspieParentIf  -your relatives think your parenting style is "Wuss" but you don't really give a shit because you know you're doing your best with the set of cards you've been dealt.  Not to mention, your parenting comes from education and research, and trained therapists, not just beating your kids into submission because that's the way you were raised and that's quicker and easier. 

#YouMightBeAnAspieParentIf -you cringe every time your phone rings and you see the name of your child's school on the caller i.d.  Oh shit! What did he do now?!

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you love your child so much more when they're asleep and that's the only time you can kiss them without them cringing and wiping it off.

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you're used to your kid running away...and you don't run after him.  You know that he's just taking a cool down period.

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you have a few wholes that have been punched or kicked in your walls.

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you've heard your kids say...I just want to laugh like all of the other kids...but I just don't get it and your heart sinks into the bottom of your feet.

#YouMightBeAnAspieParentIf -you have prayed for your child to have at least one friend who accepts them just the way they are. 

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you know more about StarWars, airplanes, exotic cars, computers and electronics of any kind...than you EVER wanted to know.

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you think the term "family vacation" is an oxymoron.

#YouMightbeanAspieParentIf -your kids are teenagers, but you can't leave them home alone for 5 minutes because the police may be called because they are trying to kill each other.

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you're on a first name basis with the entire school administration and the special education department of your school district and they say, "Oh Shit! It's her again," when
they see you coming.

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you say out loud, "Lady can you move a little slower!" when you're trying to park the car.   When you come back out of the store, your kid is telling the lady, "My Mom says you move really slow."

#YouMightbeAnAspieParentIf -you know for sure that your kid knows every curse word in the English language and he may know a few in French and Spanish.

#YouMightbeanAspieParentIf -your teen comes straight out and asks you will you be mad if they have sex in your house.  Or he may have to become a porn star if he can't find a girlfriend when he gets older. (No...that NEVER happened to me!)

#YouMighbeAnAspieParentIf -you know for sure that you have a child who will make the world a better place.

I could go on all day,  but I'm going to give you all the chance to join the party.  Leave your #YouMightBeAspieParentIf comments below or better yet, lets start the trend again on twitter.

Hugs and Love,