Thursday, August 23, 2012

Self-loathing To the Max

School is about to start so instead of relishing in the fabulous vacation we just went on ...we are dealing with anxiety, fear depression and self-loathing.  With's all showing itself in the form of treating the people who love him, and just spent hundreds of dollars to show him a good time on an expensive vacation, like the mud on the bottom of his shoe.

Thanks for the good time folks..but I am depressed about my life.  I am anxious about school.  I feel like shit and I don't know what else to do with it, other than drag you lovely people down with me.

Yep...this is my soon to be 17 year-old son.  Simply saying 17 year-old son within itself scares the crap out of me.  I thought I would be celebrating nearing the finish line by now. Instead, I am scared shitless about his future and trying like hell to get certain behaviors under wraps and push him towards independence.

I had a very interesting conversation with my Facebook Confessions Community,  in which I received very diverse feedback regarding Red's most recent behavior and how I should deal with it.  I posed the question, "You're nearly 17 years old-, with Aspergers and depression.  Should there be consequences for treating your family with blatant disrespect?

There was everything from take away his favorite things until he's down to a bed, a pillow and a room with no door.  To find out what is triggering him.  He needs cognitive behavior therapy to help him with his negative thought process and find better ways to release his feelings.  It was a really great thread full of great advice and experience.  If you don't follow me on really should.

After reading everyone's input, this is the conversation I had with Red:

He is sitting in front of the television spewing hatred about the "buff guys who get all the girls and how it's not fair and how he would like to kick their asses!"

"Son...I know you're not feeling very happy right now.  You have a lot of worries on your mind.  School is starting school soon.  You're worried about how that will go.  You're worried about your future.  You're disappointed because you don't have a girlfriend yet.  And because you're unhappy and feeling bad right are doing your best to let us know how bad you feel by taking it out on all of us."
"'re right," he says softly.
"You are blaming your unhappiness on anyone and everyone.   You feel bad, so you're doing everything you can to make us feel as bad as you do.  You're starting crap with your brother and being annoying and hateful to us.  But your feelings are not about us they're about you,  and it's not fare to treat the people who love you badly because you're feeling bad.

This is not about the buff guys or the girl who you like, who doesn't like you.  This is all about how you feel about yourself. Right now you are you happy with yourself?"
"No...not really."
"That's because you are not loving yourself.  You are too busy focusing on all the things you feel are wrong with yourself instead of the good things.  How can you expect anyone to love you if you don't love yourself first?"
"I guess I can't."
"When you are feeling negative and focusing on negative thoughts and feelings, you project that out into the world.  You put those negative statuses out on facebook and out into the world.  The reason you don't have a girlfriend doesn't have anything to do with the way that you look...because you are a handsome guy.  You are extremely handsome and attractive when you smile and are happy like you were when you were surrounded by your cousins last week."

I showed him this picture taken last week...
"This guy is attractive.  This guy looks happy and positive.  This guy can find a nice girl who cares about you, understands and likes you just the way you are.  Start looking in the mirror at this guy who is smiling.  Tell yourself positive things and start believing them.  People are attracted to positivity.  It all starts with loving yourself.  This guy is lovable.  A person going around frowning and blaming the world for his stuff,  saying negative things about people is not attractive...this guy IS!

If you're unhappy with your body...only YOU can change that.  It has to come from within you.  It has to be what you really want. This is YOUR are the person who can make it into what you want it to be.  This guy in this picture can go to school with this smile, make friends and the more friends you make the better chance you will have of finding that someone special.  It all starts with you.  You are the only person who can change your life.  Start loving yourself."

And in that moment...he got it.  He turned off the attitude, got up off the couch and tried to get along with us for the day.  He was least until he went to the gym and saw all of the buff guys with girlfriends.  Then he was back to wanting to kick their asses.  

It's definitely not the end of the attitude...the worries and the depression.  But it's a start...