Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My Bella 
For the past two weekends in a row I have been supposed to go to Houston to see my Best Friend and my godchildren.  My little darlin -Bella turned 3, and I have not seen my little angel Corvin in 2 months. He's only 7 months-old, so he's growing and changing...without me.  I was going to go in for Bella's birthday party and to be perfectly honest --to escape my family.  Going to see my Houston family is my respite.  They make no demands of me.  We eat we drink, we sit around play with the kids and watch movies.  They let me sleep a long as I want to.  I take long, hot baths and sometimes, Bella actually lets me do this alone.

Newborn Corvin
The day before I was going to leave the first time...I got a flat tire.  There was a huge bolt in it.  The car sat in my driveway for more than 24 hours ...waiting for my husband to get off of conference calls to fix it.  I had numerous errands to run before I could leave.  Lord knows they don't know how to go to the grocery store and the pharmacy without me.  And forget about me leaving without getting my mom her supply of wine.

(Side note: The guys at the local liquor store get her order ready when they see her getting out of the car.  I think they all know her on a first name basis.)  Love you mom! 

One may wonder, "Why didn't you just take your husband's car to run your errands?"  One who wonders that has apparently, never met my husband.  His car is his most prized possession.  Although both of our names are on the car's title..I do not drive it  because number 1) it's a stick shift.  He did that on purpose to make it harder for me to drive.  And number 2) If anything were to happen to it while it is in my possession, we would be on our way to divorce court.  Not literally...I think.  But it would be the end of life as we know it.

Anywhoo...it was also our Anniversary that Monday and he was leaving town on Tuesday.  The later I would leave, would give me less time I would have to spend in Houston and I would have to rush home in order to celebrate our Anniversary.  Not to mention... I've been perpetually tired for the past month or so.  I really didn't have the energy to drive down there (3 hours) only to have to rush back

I stayed at home and we had a wonderful 18th Anniversary together.  When we arrived at the restaurant...there was a huge bouquet of flowers.  I was the envy of every woman sitting around us.
Flowers from Hubby

The following weekend I am supposed to go again.  This is the first week that the kids were out of school.  Hubby had been out of town most of the week on business, which means I had been entertaining kids 24/7.  I have already been running on a low energy factor.  By the time the weekend rolled around, I was freakin' exhausted.  I couldn't muster up the energy to go.  Sucker!  I should have just sucked it up and left.  See ya! Sayanara family!

Part of me was also not comfortable with leaving Blue with his dad since he's been so explosive lately.  With the two of them being twins and all...I mean they are so much alike, especially in the stubbornness department.  They either can't get enough of each other or they can't get away from each other fast enough.   So yes, the sucker mother that I am...let the guilt keep me from leaving

So this week is my husband's birthday and on the weekend it's Father's day.  Blue's friends are supposed to come to stay a couple of days because their mother is going out of town for a wedding.  I volunteered for this months ago,  after she was so kind to keep Blue for us while we were in Vegas.

Sucker that I am...I give hubby the option of going to L.A. for the Playboy Jazz Festival (alone). He's actually been doing this almost annually for the past few years.  He goes and meets my dad and some  friends.  I made this offer because he is not a fan of having other kids in the house.  He barely wants his own kids in the house.  How could I do that to him for his birthday and Father's Day? Right?

Of course,  he doesn't think twice about my offer.  He booked that plane ticket so fast, he left my head spinning.  He is out of here!  So the SUCKER who has missed getting away for 2 WEEKS in a row, is now going to be stuck at home with a bunch of kids for the weekend!

Just give me a tattoo and put it on my forehead.  BIG FAT SUCKER!  Ha ha ha ha ha!  That's what my husband will be saying as he takes off on that plane.

The good news is...after he booked his trip, Blue's friend's mom cancelled on the boys coming to spend the weekend.  It turns it's their dad's weekend.  Awwh! I'm so sad! At least one father will be stuck with his kids on Father's Day.

The other good news is my Bestie texted me and says that she's going to come up here to spend time with me!

And that's why this SUCKER loves her so much!

Me and my Bestie
Editorial Note: Hubby says I threw him under the bus on this post. I will admit that both weekends he did encourage me to go even after he made me a day late, but I was just too exhausted.  However I must remind everyone...this is MY blog and stories are written from MY point of view.  These are MY Confessions -MY therapy!  I can't tell you how good I felt after writing this.  It made me laugh.  I am entitled to creative license.  I tell the story as I see it.  There are times when I write for comedic release and to make others laugh.  What is the world without a little laughter?  If you can't laugh at yourself and your life ...your life is going to be really BORING and in MY opinion...that would be tragic.  

I welcome guest posts if you would like to write something from your point of view.  Of course since this is My blog...I am also Editor-In-Chief!