Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Prayer for Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is the mother of a nearly 14 year-old, adolescent girl on the spectrum.  It seemed like an ordinary meltdown over doing the dishes...until it wasn't.  It ended in an attempt to take her own life.  She is now in a behavioral hospital six-hours away from home.  Lisa wrote to me on the facebook "Confessions" Page .  It made my heart heavy with sadness and scared me at the same time.

I started to say this prayer and then I decided to write it, because there are many who are living through adolescent depression associated with Aspergers and just feeling different.

This is my prayer for their family and for all of us raising kids on the spectrum...

I pray today for strength for Lisa Marie and for all of us who are raising these special children
I pray that you help her make the best decisions for the care and healing of her daughter
That she is able to hold it together for her struggling girl and the rest of their family
That once her girl comes home she is able to put the right supports in place for her, for her education and her continual care
That you tickle her her to realize that she is doing her very best
But not everything is within her control 

I pray that her daughter will come to realize that her future is BRIGHT
That the world is at her disposal, that she can do anything and everything she really wants to do
I pray that she comes to know and internalize that she is loved by the people who really count.
I pray that today she is in capable hands, who will help her make it through this difficult time
I pray that she will find continual support from professionals once she makes it home.
Help her to know that this is rough period of time in her life...but it doesn't define her life
She will grow into a beautiful woman
That you gave her special gifts that she will share with the world
You gave them to us all
Help her to understand that IT WILL GET BETTER
I pray that she finds that special someone or someones who will come to know, understand and accept her for exactly who she is.
Help her to realize that anyone who isn't kind...isn't worth knowing and certainly is not worthy of her giving up her future
I pray that she knows that she is not alone.
That there are many people who are praying for her right now.

Please hold this family in your hands and lift them up.

May anyone who reads this prayer share these thoughts with their own children over and over, or internalize them for themselves until they know for sure that they are worthy of the life you have given them.