Friday, February 10, 2012

Playing Hookie

Editorial Note:  If you haven't played hookie really should.  Find a beautiful place and get lost.

I grew up with the strictest single-mother on earth.  According to her, there was no dating...even in high-school.  I had a midnight curfew, despite the fact that all my friends could stay out till 1 a.m.   I could not see rated R movies.  There would be no teen night-clubs.  Sex was for married people, so there was no sense in us having a talk about it.  Other than, "Kissing and petting leads to pre-marital sex.  So you should not be kissing and petting."  

That worked out really well.  I had my first boyfriend in 10th grade.  I would sneak out to see her all kinds of lame stories.  There was plenty of kissing...luckily, I was too afraid to have sex.   I would even play hookie to hang out with him and our group of friends.   I did everything that I could possibly get away with...all without my mother's knowledge.  Including seeing my first rated R movie, "Saturday Night Fever" with a group of friends from my neighborhood.  

I promised myself to never be THAT mother.  I want my kids to be able to talk to me and ask me about anything.  Well...little did I know that I would have to Aspergers kids who do actually talk to me about EVERYTHING.  In fact, my 16-year old son informed me the other day about his research on porn.  "I looked it up on Wikepedia," he says very matter-of-fact. Great!  That's just great.  

I actually allowed him to watch a rated R movie "Snakes on a Plane" the other day here at home with his friend.  I could have made him go through the trouble of sneaking and watching it at his friend's house.  But why go there?  Apparently, the rating is for language, one scene sexual in nature,  intense terror and violence. 

When I turned 18, I finally told my mother, "You know, I would rather just tell you what I'm doing rather than sneak around all over town telling you I'm at point A when I'm really at point Z.  I'm going to find a way to do what I want to do, so I may as well be honest with you."  Her bottom lip dropped down to the floor.  She couldn't believe my audacity, but things changed after that conversation.

I guess there is still apart of that little girl within me who wants to do what I want to do, without having to answer to anyone.  I spend so much of my life doing for other people, being the responsible mother, wife, daughter and friend.  Sometimes, I just want to sneak away and do my own thing. 

Playing hookie is still something I do every now and then.  Lately, things have been so crazy, I haven't had the opportunity to do it.  Unfortunately, I'm not doing anything too exciting like sneaking off to make out with a boyfriend.  Although, wouldn't that be fun???  I sneak out for lunch, happy hour, shopping or to the movies.  (Ssh! Don't tell anybody.)   I use cash for all payments so that my steps can not be traced.  When anyone asks questions or calls me and says, "Where are you?"  I simply answer, "I'm not at liberty to say."  

The boys have been out of school for the first 3 days of this week thanks to teachers in-service training. Essentially, we had a 5 day weekend.  Yes...that's right...TORTURE!  Thursday morning, I get them off to school.  I decide...this is it.  This is my day to escape.  Friday I already have an appointment scheduled for my mom, I have to take the dog to the groomer and I have an appointment for myself Friday afternoon.  I have not been to the movies...alone, in I can't remember when.  I am going today!  

Red calls at 11:55 a.m.  " forgot to give me lunch." 
Great!  I have to run over there to bring his lunch.  I throw on a pair of sweats and tell my mom, "I have to take Red lunch and then I have some errands." 

Off to the movie theatre I go.  No makeup, no shower...wearing sweat pants...but I made it!  In case you're wondering I saw "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close", which of course makes me think about my husband and my children.  I cry...but at least, I escaped.  

Later that evening, I am doing my normal mommy duties, taking Blue to the library, running to the grocery store, running home to make sure Red eats and takes his meds, running back to the library to pick up Blue.  Making dinner for my husband.  Suddenly, my mom stops me in my tracks and says, "Are you hiding something from me?"

"What do you mean?  Like what? You mean my rendezvous with my boyfriend this afternoon?" HA HA! 

I never did answer her question.  The last time I checked...I was 46 years old.  Do I have to disclose my whereabouts to my mother, my husband and my children at all times?  I don't think so!