Friday, September 16, 2011

Poetry Project

The following poems were written by Blue for a poetry project at school.  I am proud to publish them here today...

Party Time 

Come on let's have dinner
Because (Red) is a winner
If you're in the mood
We'll have some good food
The restaurant is the scene
Cause Red is turning to sixteen
Come on down
My Dog

I go to the park
But I don't bark
I am afraid
When I'm home I'm brave
I bark with rage
I am spoiled
I am a lover, (of the ladies of course)
I am a licker
I am a beggar
I am Harry

Plum Tree Haiku
A purple plum tree
Develops more leaves each day
A home for the birds

Dream Limerick
A dream is free 
You feel and see
When you dream 
It may seam
You are what you want to be


Fast, beautiful
Drives, drifts, turns
Mesmerizing, the adoring drivers
Moves, accelerates, decelerates
Sleek, creative

I give him an A+...of course I am a little bias. 

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