Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear God, Thank You (redeaux)

Editorial Note: This is a previously published post from September of this year.  It continues to be appropriate. We are not where I want to be, but I continue to be grateful for small blessings. 

Dear God,

I wrote you not to long ago asking the question, "Seriously? You think I can handle this?"  Well...obviously you were listening.  I was so stressed out then.  Red was extremely depressed and already having issues at school.  Being around all of that negative energy was weighing on me heavily, zapping my energy and bringing me down...way down.

So Lord, I want you to know that I appreciate all of the blessings you have given me in the past few weeks.  We tweaked Red's meds again...a process I find extremely excruciating.  I just loathe the fact that he has to take these medications.  However...things are so much better!  Thank you for giving me the strength to hang in there and not give up on the process.  Thank you for helping him to feel better.  Thank you for turning him back into the boy that I always knew was in there somewhere.

Thank you for his new school and all of the staff that work tirelessly to help him, even when he acts like he doesn't want any help.  Thank you especially for his social skills class and teacher who he relates to and actually listens to.  

He still has his rough moments, but he reigns it back in quickly, seeing the error of his ways.  He is taking responsibility for himself...getting up with his alarm clock (mostly),taking his showers daily (without argument) getting ready for school on time every day (most days), doing homework on his own, attempting to change his diet.  Last night for dinner he ate chicken breast, wild rice, and corn.  He asked for seconds!  He's eating spinach salad.  I don't take these things for granted.  I am thankful.

He had a successful birthday party, where he socialized and really enjoyed himself...WITH FRIENDS.  A year ago I asked you to send him just one good friend.  You did that.  He is still working on the friendships at school, and even that is in the works.  I ask you to continue to work with him on that.  He is trying to join the wrestling team...I pray that works out for him.  I pray that will give him some connection at school...something to be happy about.  I pray that it will help him to look better, feel better and get healthier, physically and mentally.

I am thankful that both boys can now sit down to the table together and have breakfast and dinner without constantly picking at each other (most days).  A year ago, even a few months ago...this simple thing was not possible.  I am thankful that both boys, now pray, with regularity and without prompting.  Red is going to church with a friend, un-prompted by us.

I am thankful for how well Blue is continues to develop friendships, that he is conquering the overwhelming homework and making excellent grades.  Middle school is no longer a place that causes him grief...but he loves to be there (most days).  He loves learning and the routine of it all.  He is already thinking about college and what it will take to get there.  That is a HUGE blessing! I am thankful that his pallet continues to grow and that he is so adventurous with food, vegetables and fruit!

We still have lots of areas to work on and continued blessings to ask for.  Today, there are just so many baby blessings in our lives, I will reserve requests for more blessings for later...knowing that in your will give them to us.

You may not come exactly when I call...but you always show up on time.  Thank you...

p.s.  I take that back...I will ask that you bless all of my autism moms, dads and their children.  Give them hope.  Things will never be perfect, but they will get better.  I am thankful for everyone of them who reads this blog and participates in my "Confessions" Facebook community.  They bless me daily...