Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keeping Me Up @ Night

Today Red is traveling on a flight from Baltimore Maryland with a lay over in Chicago, where he will catch a flight into Austin.  He lost his cell phone on this trip, so we are relying on the staff of American Airlines to get him from point A to point B.   He is fascinated with airplanes and Chicago is a great airport for seeing all kinds of planes up close and personal out of their huge windows.  I didn't get much sleep last night, imagining him deciding to wonder off to film a plane, getting lost or missing his connection.  I am asking for prayers, positive thoughts, good energy whatever you can send his way, to make sure he gets home safely.

Besides staying awake last night worrying about his flight today, I am still contemplating the school dilemma.  Private...small scale school vs. public huge high school.  The good news is I found out today that the private school doesn't actually start until September 7th, so that gives me a little time to decide.  I will go ahead and enroll him at the regular high school and give myself some time to see how he does and then make a final decision.

Part of me feels like I need to give him the opportunity to see how things go with the new medications on board.  There are a lot of resources that a public school has to offer especially since he has such an interest in multi-media.

At least we have an option should things not go as we would like them to.  I have to continue to stand up for what he needs and insist on it.  My biggest worry is how he does in those unsupervised moments in the hallways and at lunch time.   He can get overwhelmed by the noise and the thoughts inside his head which can lead to impulsive actions.  If they can't give me what he needs to guide and protect him, even if it's from himself, we will take his education  elsewhere.

Prayers, comments, and positive thoughts are all welcome here.

p.s. just before I published this we received a call from the airline to say that he indeed missed his flight into Austin.  There was a gate change and the employee took him to the wrong gate.  By the time they got to the right gate, the plane was gone!  Just WONDERFUL!  The good news is, they are going to escort him to a private lounge and feed him until he can take the next flight.  I will not stop twisting my hair nervously until I see his face.  Needless to say...he will not be taking any layover flights...ALONE in the near future.

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