Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Funnies

We registered for classes at the high school today.  I am hopeful for a good year.  Red seems at peace with the decision.  The stars appear to be in alignment.  First thing this morning I get a call from Special Transportation.  He doesn't have the same "drruunk driiiver" (that's what Red called him) that he had last year.  In fact, I know his driver personally.  She used to be the Library Assistant at our elementary school.  I worked with her frequently during the book fairs.  He also has a friend who will be on that bus.  The two of them can commiserate about how horrible school is on their way back and forth.

He is going to try the wrestling team, which will give him a small group to be a part of.  He will also take a web design class, and a vocation exploration class.  He has two teachers that he had and liked last year so there's a since of familiarity going in.  I also talked to the counselor about setting up a lunch retreat area for students like Red who just can't deal with the loud crazy cafeteria.  She is open to the idea but needs to work out the logistics.

I pray with the new meds in place and the B-12 supplement that he is taking, he will have a better year.  Continuous prayer and positive energy sent this way is sincerely appreciated.

On to the Friday Funnies...

The phone's Red's friend on the line.  He is upstairs, laying in his bed, having a nail biting festival.  I call him, "Red...telephone!"
"O.K." minutes pass, he doesn't pick up.
"Telephone!" I say again.  He still doesn't pick up.
"Someone is on the phone for you!  Are you going to pick up the phone or not?"
"No there isn't.  The phone is not ringing."
Wow!  Sometimes this kid is brilliant!  Other times...not so much.

I am going to a girls night out to listen to Spoken Word in downtown Austin.  The boys are going to meet their dad for dinner @ Chili's.  We pull into the lot.  I see Daddy's car.  "How do you know that's Dad's car?" they ask.
"I know because of the sticker on the back for our sub-division."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure."
They are not convinced.
I look for a close up space so I can run in...make sure they find him and run back out.  This is the space I find:

"Mom you can't park here!"
"Yes I can.  I will only be here 10 minutes."
"You can't!  You're not getting any food to go.  They're going to crush and melt your car!"
"Just come on.  We're going to find your dad.  It will be fine."
Red just sits there staring at the sign.  Blue runs into the restaurant.  "Bye Mom...we'll find dad.  Just go on.  Hurry!"
"No...I need to make sure.  Remember you didn't trust me when I told you that was Daddy's car."
Finally Red slow pokes on into the restaurant.
He's looking around suspiciously.
"I just saw a police car Mom.  You'd better go."
"Just relax. It will be fine."
"No it won't mom."
"They are not ACTUALLY going to crush and melt a car. They are just trying to discourage people from parking there."
"Well why would they say that?"
I kiss dad, take a sip of his soda and go on my merry way.

I shared the above picture with my friends on the Confessions Facebook Community Page  In response Sabrina posted this:

Do I dare share this one with the boys?

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