Saturday, July 23, 2011

Silent Saturday

You are the golden rays of the sun
You comfort me like no other
I look for you
I seek you...
I find you in my car
Where you are, I am there
My appetite for you insatiable
You are delicious
I need you
You are comfort
In you I hear the rhythm of my thoughts
You are my lover
You are my friend
Like get better with age
I miss you when you're away
Won't you stay
Life is better with you than without you
You are an invaluable treasure
Your worth we can not measure

You are music
You are wisdom 
You are a garden giving birth to colorful blossoms 

You are the elusive companion of every mother
You are the essence of  her creative mind
The secret ingredient in her recipe
Let her find you and be with you in every corner, behind every closed door
Rock her gently...sooth her.
Give her what she needs
A dose of you is medicine for her soul
An ounce of you helps her nurture more gently...with patience
You nourish her
Give her refreshment
Quench her thirst
In you she finds herself
Listens to her inner voice are golden
You are love