Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny Friday

Next week we are going to my brother-in-law's wedding in Baltimore, Maryland.  We leave in 5 days and I have zero, zilch, nada for the boys and I to wear to this shindig.  Money is tight so that's one excuse for my not shopping yet.  Then there's also the fact that I am not looking forward to shopping with the boys.  I usually just pick things up, bring them home for them to try on, and take them back if they don't fit.  However, this time we're talking dress clothes that have to fit properly...not jeans and oversized shirts or sports gear.  I have no idea where to start without them present to try the stuff on.  I will be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off for the next few days trying to get this all figured out.

The funny thing about this wedding, is that the happy couple already has 8 or 9 children between them.  I can't keep up.  I think she had 4 children, he had 3, then they had 2 together.  Now...they're getting married!  I think that's pretty funny.  (Sorry D...I love you!)

I have very mixed emotions about the institution of marriage.  Of course, I have been married for 17 years...I think.  I have no intentions on getting a divorce.  I love my husband.  As husbands go...I think he's a good one, the best! But if for some reason I did loose him...I WOULD NEVER GET MARRIED AGAIN!  Let's just say...there's a reason they call it an institution!

This week's funny Aspergers moment:

Red spends the day with his new friend, who also has Aspergers.  The two of them talk non-stop all day about airplanes.  I mean they hardly take a breath.  They also play flight-similator all day.  They are also supposed to go swimming at some point in the day.  When I call to check on him, Angel, his friend's mom says, "They have not gone swimming yet.  They've been to busy talking!" I nudge her to push the issue with Red...he really needs to exercise.  They give her every excuse, "I really don't like swimming," says her son who has a pool in his backyard and swims all the time.  Eventually, they do get in the pool and do more talking than swimming.

Later that evening Hubby goes to pick Red up.  They are all standing out in front of the house talking.  I think this was the first time the two fathers met and my husband can really talk!  After talking all day long with Red, and now talking for a while with all of the parents, Red's friend says, "I'm going to go inside now.  I can't talk anymore.  My lips are starting to hurt."

Red has definitely met his match.

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