Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Fireworks

I had this picture in my mind of how I wanted my 4th of July weekend to go.  I wanted something different...no entertaining this year.  No cleaning up beforehand and afterward.  No slaving for hours cooking.  I knew that our city was canceling the fireworks show.  Which is a sad exclamation point at the end of the day.

I did manage to escape to the movies on Saturday...all by myself.  I saw "Larry Crowne" which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The reviews were not good, but I left the theater feeling lighter and smiling.  Me and Hubby got in a date that night.  We met some friends and all sat out on the patio of this restaurant that overlooks a little pond.  We shared margaritas and loads of delicious appetizers and adult conversation.

What I wanted for the fourth was a fun family activity --to go to a park or a lake and just hang out in the water.  Some friends of ours told us about a natural spring at at park a few miles away.  Well...I'll be damned if I could get my husband and kids on board.  They came up with excuses not to make it happen.

I will give hubby credit for going out and buying a family pack of barbecue from a local joint.  Their sides were pathetic so my mom doctored up the potato salad.  I made my own baked beans, guacamole and added a few grilled burgers for Red who doesn't like the other cuts of meat.  We bought a cherry pie and ice cream from the grocery store, which was actually quite delicious.  And of course...I made a pitcher of margaritas.  That was the cherry on top.

Tried to get the gang to watch a movie together at the end of the day -even that didn't work.  The highlight of my holiday was a warm bath behind closed doors.  I reflect at the end of the day...maybe I should have had a party and entertained some friends.  The extent of my socializing for the day was on Facebook and Twitter isn't that pathetic?  At least there was no cleanup...

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