Thursday, June 9, 2011

White Noise

"I'm so bored! My life is so boring right now!" says Red every single day so far this summer.

"Well lets see...I just gave a pool party for you on Saturday (gave up my wedding anniversary to do so).  I have a play-date set up for you tomorrow with a new friend who you have lots in common with.  You're going to his house.  You guys will play computer games, have lunch and swim.  You're going to movie camp next week."  Excuse me if I don't feel sorry for you!

Every time we leave the house to go run errands, or to go to the neighborhood pool he finds an excuse not to go.  Yet...I hear the constant complaints about how bored he is.   "I'm tired of being in this house alone!" Well you're so pleasant to be around...I mean with your constant complaining and all.  Every time we ask you to come with us you say no and find some lame excuse.

I get the, "When am I going to Six Flags?" dialogue every single day, usually about 10 times per day.

"We won't be going to Six Flags until you can start appreciating all the blessings you already have...when you can show gratitude for what I am already putting in place for you."  Until -you stop driving me freaking crazy with this question ten times a day!!!  "Each time you ask me this are getting further and further away from going" I tell him.

I need to resign myself to the fact that he will NEVER BE SATISFIED!  No matter what I do for him he WILL ALWAYS COMPLAIN and ASK FOR MORE.   I wish I could take the complaining for what it's worth...white noise.

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