Friday, June 10, 2011

A Prayer Answered

We arrive at the airport viewing spot so that Red can take video of the airplanes as they land and take off.  He has been playing Flight Simulator X and has become fascinated with airplanes.  He incorporates his two favorite loves, video and airplanes on this excursion.  He gets out of the car.  I notice a boy standing there also observing.  He has a camera in one hand and a radio of some sort in the other hand.  I am watching this scene from the coolness of the air-conditioned car.  Blue is also on the scene.  He has no problem walking up and introducing himself and his brother.

It doesn't take long for Blue to get to the fact that he has Aspergers.  It goes something like this: "Hi my name is Blue.  Do you know about Aspergers?  Well...I have it."  Before long, all of the boys are talking incessantly.  This is unusual for Red who does not typically converse this much with someone he just met.  Apparently, they have a lot in common.  The young man appears to be somewhere between Blue and Red's age.

My husband arrives...we have been waiting for his plane to come in.  We get out of the car and go over to meet the young man.  My husband approaches the van that is parked across the way and introduces himself to the young man's mother.  (This is where Blue gets it from.)

His mother is gracious.  We have a wonderful conversation.  Apparently, the young man is 14 years old and also has Aspergers!   Of course we have a lot in common raising boys on the spectrum. What are the chances of this happening?  Meeting someone who has the same interest/fixation, around the same age and also has Aspergers.  We exchange e-mail and contact information.  Of course I give her information about the blog.  It also turns out that they live about 25 minutes away from where we live.  We vow to get the boys together again at some point.  This was about 2 or so months ago.

School ended and Red is out of his mind with boredom.  I reach out to his mom again via e-mail.  She calls to say, they have been thinking of us too.   Of course our lives have been out-of-control with the end of school year activity, etc.

Yesterday, the boys finally have a chance to hang out together.  They pick Red up from our house, go have lunch, and spend the day at their house.  They play Flight Simulator, talk and exchange information about airplanes for hours on end.  I don't think their was a lull in conversation all day.  They go swimming,  play ball with their dogs and have dinner together.  

I think I may be more excited than Red about this budding, new friendship!  What a wonderful family that we were blessed to meet.   He's 15 years old and yes...Mommy is still making play-dates for him.  I am so thankful for this family that we met on that day a few months ago.  I really think that was God at work...a prayer answered.

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