Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Females 101

Blue and I have been getting on each other's nerves a lot in the past week or so.  He is such a  deep...different kind of thinker.  He has an opinion about everything.  I come up with a simple idea and he has to analyze it and ultimately disagree with it, even if it makes perfectly good sense.  I will admit my patience for it all has been a little short.

For example...yesterday, I am helping him with his laundry.  Clothes are spread all over his bed.  We are folding them and I want him to put them away.  In the middle of this process, he decides to start cleaning out the bathroom that holds his "escape the storm supplies" and he wants to also make his bed.  Now how can you make a bed when your laundry is all over it? The "escape supplies" have been in the bathroom all night and half the day.  Why do we need to clean it out right now?  Let's accomplish one thing and then we can focus on the other.  Well he gets pissy with me because he wants to do things his way.  Even though his way doesn't make any sense!

Later were in the car, sitting at a red light and I pick up my phone to look at a text message.  Well...OMG that is against the RULES!  "Mom! No texting and driving!" "
"I am not texting! I'm reading! I am sitting still...not actually driving where I could hit someone."
Blue plays by the rules...the black and white.  I definitely like to hang out in the gray area...cutting corners around the rules.

We reach our destination, again I pick up my phone to send a text.  I am making arrangements for an evening out with a girlfriend.  I am also making arrangements for him to get together with a friend while I am out.  He continues to give me a lecture about text messaging.  "It seems like you're always texting someone.  What happened to the good old days?" ...etc.  Then he goes back into the texting while driving lecture.

Geez! How many husbands do I have exactly? This speech is straight out of my husband's playbook. My husband gives me a hard time about Facebook and texting, etc.  He works in information security and really does not like social media outlets.  You can guess how he really feels about this blog. He's supportive in a way...but he is also very private.  When he gives me a hard time, he is teasing...sort of.  I politely...and sometimes, not so politely ignore him.  What it comes down to I think, is that they want me to be focused on them ALL THE TIME! I'm not supposed to have a life that's not always ABOUT THEM!

Before I completely loose it on my poor little son...I think it would be best to break this down to him.  I have PMS!  This is not the time to mess with me!  He did not want to do the puberty video at school and I'm not even sure if they cover the subject of girls and their "cycles" in the boy's presentation.  He was about to get a lesson in Females 101.

"Females have something called a cycle, where once a month for about a week, their bodies go through these hormonal changes.  It can put them in a bad mood.  Their patience may be short.  They may get angry very easily.  They may cry more easily and not act like their normal cheerful selves.  This is my week."

I also explain that he may see this in girls at school.  One day they may be nice and friendly and the next day you will wonder why they are in such a bad mood.

A light bulb goes off in his head.  I could see the gears spinning in his thought process.  He says, "So that's why we haven't been getting along?"

That's part of it...his Aspergers, rigid thinking, anxiety, acting like he's my boss instead of my son, that's the other part.

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