Saturday, June 25, 2011

Silent Saturday

On this silent Saturday I am being totally self-indulgent.  I think I deserve it after a week of driving all over town doing the Mommy, Chauffeur, Event coordinator thing.  I wake up this morning next to my husband, which is nice since he's been away most of the week.  We sleep until nearly 10 a.m. before the first knock at the door.

I start my morning with Bailey's and coffee and few minutes of reading.  I'm still working on Rob Lowe's memoir,  "Stories I Only Tell My Friends." 
It's not exactly a literary masterpiece, but it's a fun summer read.  If Oprah likes do I.  After having him on the show she said, "I want to go to his house for bar-b-que this summer, just so I an look at him."  Lucky for her, they are neighbors.  It's fun to picture this beautiful man and his exciting life --to disappear into his world for a bit.  It has me wanting to watch all those "Brat Pack" movies I grew up with  --St. Elmo's Fire and About Last Night.

Hubby and Blue bring breakfast back home to me --no cooking or cleaning.  I take a steamy, hot VitaBath bath -leaving me feeling very silky.  It is so heavenly --I don't want to get out.

My painting will look something like this. 
I throw on jeans and a t-shirt and run off to my art lesson.  I am painting a Tuscan landscape...very relaxing.  The lesson today did not include Blue, who always rushes me at the end.  "I'm ready to go mom.  Our lesson was over 5 minutes ago." 

After art, I call my girlfriend for an uninterrupted laugh and chat.  This is a luxury.  We usually have to communicate via text message or e-mail in order to exchange a complete thought sans interruption.  We lift each others spirits with our easy conversation and inside jokes.

Now I sit writing in an air conditioned coffee absolutely no hurry to get home.  I am trying to figure out what I should get into next.  I can promise you this it will not involve children.

This is my silent Saturday.

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