Friday, June 24, 2011

Funny Friday -6/24/11

This week I got to spend some good quality time with Blue while Red was in camp for 4 hours a day.  Selfishly -I would rather have spent that time alone with my thoughts, writing away, shopping, lunching and maybe even a little afternoon drinking.  Blue had another plan.  He likes hanging out with me in coffee houses with his laptop (which is my old one) and me with my laptop writing away.  Of course, that completely cuts out the drinking.  We do a little lunching and shopping and walking at the mall for exercise.

It was actually fun.  He is such a delight to spend time with.  The contrast between him and both of his brothers is stark...vast...huge!  He is on the spectrum and he does have a lot of anxiety and misreads  social cues.  But as he gets older and matures...he seems to get better.  Red seems to get more obnoxious! Of course the medicine helps tremendously! Blue is so compassionate and he really seems to care about my feelings.  He may say things that come across as rude or blunt...but if I bring it to his attention, he will apologize and then actually try to do better the next time.

During our time together, he will not let me go through a door without opening it for me and holding it for any other ladies in sight.

He is an adamant rule follower.  I am not.  I skirt around rules that I feel are not important or inconvenient.  I can't get him to join the rule skirting party to save my life.  We are on a side street on our way to a pizza joint for lunch.  I decide to cross the street in the shade instead of walking to the crosswalk.

"Mom!  You're jay-walking!  You can't do that!"
"Oh come on!  It's shady over here.  Besides, there are no cars coming."
He ignores me and goes to the cross walk.   Pushes the button and waits for the light to change.

Later that day, we stop at the groomer to pick up the dog.  It's 100 plus degrees.  The groomer is about to close in five minutes.  There are no other customers in the parking lot.  In fact, we are the last ones to pick up our dog.  I know this.  I park in the handicap the shade.  I don't even turn off the car so that the air-conditioning can continue to run while I run in.

"Mom! This is the second law you have broken today!"
I guess I don't have to worry about this one ever going to jail...or even getting a ticket!

Here are some funnies from my Facebook Community Page:

Joanne Lees says: "Mum...why does Fiona have chickens?"
"Because they lay eggs."
"Why doesn't she just go to the shop?"

Sharon from Mama's Turn Now says:

While arguing with Jay (my 10 year old Aspie) he says,  "I'm done talking!"
I tell him, "We are not done talking!"
He says, "I have the constitutional right not to talk! So yes...I'm done!"
He walks away leaving me with my mouth hanging open.

Kristy (my Aspie Mama from Australia) says:

Person 1: Knock knock.
Person 1: Knock knock.
Person 1: I said, knock knock!
Aspie: Go AWAY!

Last but not least, we have Elena:

G3 just spit on G1...I tole him to remove himself from the room.  "We are not animals!"
He stomps out of the room. "I hate you!"
30 seconds later he comes back in to say, "Did you know that humans are mammals and mammals are 1 of the 6 animal groups?
We all just stare at him.
He says, "Yeah...didn't think so! Goodnight!"

I just love that G3!

Happy Friday!  Wishing you laughter today and everyday...

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