Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Ounce of Gratitude

Hello Lover! (I say to my blog in my Sarah Jessica Parker -Sex-In-The-City Voice).  I've missed you so. So glad you could come out and play with me today.

I haven't been able to write since Monday of this week.  I've have really missed my outlet.  My writing was replaced by something even better.  My "Bestie" is in town for a visit.  She came along with my god-daughter and their doggie, a little mini-Yorky named Loppi.  They came to keep me company while half of my crew is out of town.  One might say she came to help me from completely falling apart or totally loosing it by having to spend all that time alone with Red, listening to his non-stop complaints, and requests, and pleas of boredom.  

Movie camp started this week for Red.  It is the same "Script-to-Screen" camp offered by the Austin Film Festival, that he took last year.  He actually asked to be signed up this year.  It's an afternoon session, which made me believe I would have no trouble getting him there on time...NOT! He is still slow as hell when it comes to getting ready.  I really do not think he knows the meaning of hurry, quickly, or on-time.

I wish I could tell you how it's going, but I can't get much out of him.

"How did it go today son?"
"What did you do? What did you learn?"
"I don't know."
"You can't tell me one single thing that you talked about."
"I don't want to talk about it."
"Oh.  I see.  Well, if you can't tell me one thing you learned, it makes me think you didn't learn anything.  If you're not learning anything, I guess I shouldn't waste my money sending you next year."
"What?! What do you mean you won't send me next year? O.K. uh we worked on our script today."
"Oh, great! What's your script about? Did you present any of your ideas?"
"No...I don't have any ideas."
"You told me about several ideas last week. What happened to those?"
"Probably no-one would like them."
"How would you know that if you don't present them?"
"Well, what's it about?"
"I don't know...I guess it's about a bully chasing someone around the school."
"That's all you can tell me?"
"I dont' really like talking to you about it."

Wow!  From there the subject moves on to when I'm going to take him to Six Flags...This is so not anytime soon.  Especially, since we're already in the 100's here in Central Texas and will be for the foreseeable future.  Not to mention a zillion other reasons why he doesn't really deserve to go.

"You made me waste my money on that season pass, because you knew you weren't going to take me."
Yeah...I really held a gun-to your head and threatened you into buying that Season Pass.

I am happy to report that Red had an old friend come out of the woodwork this week.  He met this young man in their first year of middle school.  They remained in touch even after Red changed schools for a while...but when Kevin (let's call him) got busy with sports and new friends, we stopped hearing from him. Lord knows Red did not make the effort to stay in touch either.  The friend is probably a little bored this summer, so he reached out -even sending me a message on Facebook with his phone number so that Red could call him.

After a long day of driving downtown, dropping Red at Movie Camp and hanging out in downtown for 4 hours until he finishes,  the friend calls and asks Red to go swimming that night.  Sucker that I am...I didn't want him to pass up the chance for A -some exercise, and B -social interaction with a peer.  Of course,  I take him.  I watch from the car for a while as they interact with other boys who were already in the pool.

Before I know it, I see with my own son --runs, jumps in the air, catches the football and splashes down into the water beneath him.  For a moment there, I thought maybe I was hallucinating.  That within itself  is worth the effort of driving him over there.

I only wish that he could see him graciously receive all of his blessings with an open heart.
I wish that he could see as I do, that God is working in his life.
I wish that he could show a sign -just one sign, that he has an ounce of gratitude for anything.

I am always grateful for your clicks below! Thank you for playing!!!

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