Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear Husband...I love you!

I love you because today --your special day, you spend with our youngest son in California hanging out with MY side of the family.
(Who does that???Not many husbands.)
I love you because you have such a great relationship with our boys. 
I love you because you are a paradigm of what it means to be a responsible man, husband and father.  
I love you because you lead our boys by example.  You show them subtle nuances of positivity each day, because you are here.. present in their lives, helping them with homework, showing up for their special moments.  Having your father/son chats (that are very difficult for me to stay out of). 
I love you for calming them when they are anxious, angry or upset. 
I love you because you support their special educational needs.  You show up to those teacher meetings, and ARD meetings...even if you don't know their teacher's names. You're still there damn it!  (I kid you...really I kid you! There goes my sarcasm).
I love you because you don't take the easy way out ...when times are tough.  There are lots of tough times and you are here with us, or a phone call away.
I love you because our boys see you working hard.  They will grow up knowing what due diligence and going the extra mile looks like.
I love that you sacrifice your own wants and needs, so that they can have what they need.  They will grow up knowing what self-sacrifice looks like.
They see you buying me flowers and taking me on dates (every once in a while :-D)   They will grow up knowing how to treat a woman with love, respect and honor.
I love you because you are patient with me and all of my craziness, my "Wesley" humor, sarcasm,  and my many moods.
I love you because you give me room when I need it.
Neither of us is perfect...we all have our sides of CRAZY, but we love each other in spite of it.
I love you not despite or differences (and their are many) but because of our differences.
Thank you for loving me and our family,  for being the epitome of a real man and teaching our boys to do the same.

Your contract has officially been extended for another year...

Happy Birthday Honey!

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