Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

There is a discussion in the car this afternoon about Memorial Day Vs. Veterans Day.  "Aren't they basically the same thing?" asks Blue.  "So is Memorial Day more important?"  My husband was busy giving this matter of fact explanation that just sounded wrong to me...even though he is a Veteran of Operation Desert Storm.  Of course, I couldn't accuse him of being inaccurate without having the facts.

I pull out my handy dandy Android phone and look it up so that I can give the official, correct answer.  And so it goes...Veterans Day is the day we remember and pay tribute to all who have served our country in the armed forces.  Memorial is the day we remember those who have actually fallen in service to our country in the armed forces.   My husband served, and my eldest son is serving now.  We thank them and the rest of the members of our family for their service.  They are honored on Veterans Day.  Today, we  give thanks, remembrance and honor to those who have lost their lives in this service.

The moral of this story...Mommy is always right! :-D


This morning, Blue and Dad decide they want to go to the movies --an activity that they usually reserve to do alone together, which is just fine with me.  This time...they invite me and Red to join them.  I seriously wanted to decline,  and spend he day reading my book, or doing a little art project.  I felt the family obligation to go with them.  Red, hemmed and hawed and tried to find excuses not to go.  We usually just go with that, because ultimately, he ruins the outing for everyone.  Today, Blue decides not to take no for an answer.

"I don't want you to stay at home and be bored all by yourself."  This is huge for brothers who just came to blows the night before.  I tell you that Blue should be considered for sainthood.

Off we go...the whole clan on our way to see "Kung Fu Panda" Woo hoo!  NOT!  Somehow, I end up sitting next to Red.  He just can't help pouncing on me with a barrage of questions and menial complaints.  Dad rescues me...we switch seats.  The first five-minutes of the movie Red, wants to walk out.  This is not his kind of movie.  He's more of a Transformers, or Iron Man, kind of guy.  Hell, I'm more of a Water  for Elephants kind of girl, but I'm there with my family.

Red finally settles down and so do I, into a nice afternoon snooze!  That's right...I sleep right through the entire movie.  At least I wasn't complaining! I wake up just in time for the ending where two characters are embracing and saying, "You're my dad."  Red breaks out in tears...real crocodiles.  Dad has to comfort him for several minutes.  He says, he feels bad because he doesn't always appreciate his dad.  I think ultimately, he really enjoyed the movie.

We all go afterward to 31 Flavors.  Ice cream makes everything better.  Except, Mommy can no longer do ice cream, because it tears her stomach apart.  Oh well...I guess I have to have a margarita instead.  Cheers!

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