Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day?

I ask Red what  he is going to do for me for Mother's Day.  "I don't have any money he says."

"Well, I have a fabulous idea. You can make me a video with a message from you and your brother and you can throw in some pictures from this past year."  A free gift that takes a little time and thought.  That's all I ask for as the woman who just spent the entire last weekend devoted to him and Six Flags.  Hot steamy, crowded Six Flags, certainly not my favorite place on earth.  

In a dark state of depression,  and self-loathing he decides that he no longer has any video making skills.  "Everything I do is crap!" 

I get no video.  In fact, he also decides that his handwriting is so awful that he can't even sign my card. 

Blue spends the day with me on Saturday.  We take art lessons together, I play with oil paint.  He is drawing a tree in charcoal.  We take my mom to lunch together.  It is really funny trying to come to an agreement on the restaurant.  We settle on Mexican food, a place the two of them have never been before.   He works really hard at not getting an attitude because he's not totally in-charge. 
Playing with paint is great therapy...
Afterward, "Blue and I go on a date the movies to see "African Cats." It is a tribute to the love of a mother.  Those wild cats will do anything to protect and to teach their babies.  The only difference is, if the cubs don't listen to their mothers, they can easily be killed by predators.   Their relationships are just chucked full of love and affection.  Everything is relative.  Those cats have their own problems from day to day,  just trying to survive just like the rest of us.

This morning I get cards and gifts from my husband and Blue.  Red did not sign the card, my husband signed for him.  I let him know that I am extremely disappointed.  My mom gives him a good "talking to."  He says he will send me an e-mail since he despises his own handwriting.  His handwriting by the way, has been described by teachers as "like a font -perfect." 

It will be nice if we can get through this day without a meltdown or any screaming.  So far -so good.

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