Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fresh Strawberries

Darkness has this annoying habit of blocking out the light.  I've got news for you Mr. Darkness (yes -darkness is a male figure) --I'm going to focus on the light in my life right now, instead of allowing you to completely take over.

This morning my very own piece of sunshine -let's call him Blue, made me smile in the darkness.  He gets up peacefully, and cooperatively.  I am hoping he wants cold-cereal for breakfast.  He doesn't.  He wants oatmeal.  Guess I have to get my ass up and off of my laptop to prepare it.

As I am pouring it into the bowl he asks, "Can I have a few strawberries with my oatmeal?"  Oh My God!  Did my child just ask for fresh fruit with his oatmeal? This is a first!  For me it is huge!  He is eating healthier by the day --experimenting and trying new things.  I just get so freakin' excited about it!

Of course, I gladly sliced those strawberries, dusted them with a pinch of sugar and spread them on a plate.  This gave him a little thrill!

"I get sugar on them!?"

"Just a pinch," I say.

He says his grace before he eats --giving thanks for the meal and throwing in a prayer for his brother to get better.  (His brother's darkness has been profound lately.)

I carpool Blue and his friends to school -listening to them all sing "The Happy Song," which is not really all that happy.  It's actually kind of inappropriate and disgusting.  But hey, they are happy when they're singing it.

This is the sunshine in my otherwise dark, cloudy day.  Yes -sooner or later I will have to pay attention to the darkness but today, I choose to focus on the light.  It is burning so bright, I need sunglasses!

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