Monday, April 4, 2011

Ms. Jackson

Asperger Mommy took a few days off this weekend. Asperger Daddy was so nice to Mommy...she wondered if he had  had a fever or something.  He took the boys out to a car show on Saturday while Mommy got to spend the day resting.  When he came home he was so exhausted he needed a nice long nap.

On Sunday Daddy took Blue to a birthday party while Mommy spent the day doing her hair and her nails so that she could be ready to go see Janet Jackson -live in concert!

Daddy, Mommy's childhood friend and her husband.  

Mommy her high-school friend, and Daddy
Waiting in line to get in to see Janet! 

Janet in her glory! We were in the 3rd Row Center!
Janet was absolutely fabulous!  More beautiful in person than she is on television or in the movies.  It was the best concert that Mommy has ever been to.  

She sang "Scream" the infamous song that she and Michael made together, while Michael danced behind her on a large screen.   She sang "Together Again" with a photo montage of Michael as her background.  This just about sent Mommy over the edge...

Janet Jackson - Song Lyric “Together Again”

There are times when I look above and beyond
There are times when I feel your love around me baby
I'll never forget my baby
I'll never forget you
There are times when I look above and beyond
There are times when I feel your love around me baby
I'll never forget my baby
When I feel that I don't belong
Draw my strength
From the words when you said
Hey it's about you baby
Look deeper inside you baby
I dream about us together again
When I want us together again baby
I know we'll be together again 'cause
Everywhere I go
Every smile I see
I know you are there
Smilin' back at me
Dancin' in moonlight
I know you are free
I can see your star
Shinin' down on me
(Together again ooh )
Good times we'll share again
(Together again ooh )
Makes me wanna dance

Lyric provided by
(Together again ooh)
Say it loud and proud
(Together again ohh)
All my loves for you
Always been a true angel to me
Now above
I can't wait for you to wrap your wings around me baby
Wrap them around me baby
Sometimes hear you whisperin'
No more pain
No worries will you ever see now baby
I'm so happy for my baby

Mommy thought she was back in her younger days.  She danced and danced and jumped up and down until her knees said to her, "Do you know how old you are?"  She screamed until she didn't have a voice anymore.   She cried tears of joy and happiness because she was so close to one of her favorite singers ever.  

Mommy fell madly in love with Daddy all over again, because he made this possible -for sparing no expense so that she could have this memorable experience.  She kissed him passionately when the concert ended...and they lived happily ever after. 

Until the next morning when she had to get up at 6:30 a.m. after staying out past midnight.   When her Asperger son awakened from his peaceful slumber he said to her, " just had to go to that concert didn't you?  It's not fair.  Why are you so selfish?"  Back to reality! 

Too many cocktails, too much dancing.  Who knew there is still life after midnight?  Asperger Mommy spent the entire day trying to recuperate...but it was well worth it! 

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