Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Day

A certain young man I know who is 12 years old and lives in my house was named "Student of the Week" at his middle school.  He was recognized by his Social Studies Teacher.  "He is the first in class Ready to work. He is always on task , always prepared and an outstanding example to others."

This same star student slept in the bathroom last night in fear and anxiety over a possible thunderstorm ...which never happened.  He also woke up and totally reamed me for changing the clothes that he had laid out for school this morning.  I love him immensely despite this.

Another young man age 15, came up with the brilliant idea of riding the school bus to school today.  He says, "We just can't get along in the car.  I think I should just set my alarm clock and get up in time."

He did.  He set his alarm and was dressed by the time I stumbled out of my room.  Of course, he was sitting on the couch on the laptop.  (Note to self -hide the laptop before you go to bed tonight.)  He did make it out the door on time when the bus arrived.  Of course, he had not brushed his teeth.  Oh well...

When he arrives at school, the staff in his BASE room give him a big fan fare. "We're so proud of you!" High fives...the whole shebang.

My phone rings at 8:35 a.m. "Mom...I made it to school at 8:28 a.m.  Are you proud of me?"

"Yes son...I'm very proud of you.  Keep up the good work."

Later I call his teacher and ask, "Did you guys have a talk with him about being late?"

"Nothing new," she says.  "Just the same repetitive conversation we've been having.  With these kids, it just takes repetition.  By the way...I did get a not from the A.P. that he has time to make up because of so many tardies.  He can do it before school, after school or on Saturday."

"Did you mention this to him?" I ask.


Ah hah! Well there's my answer!

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