Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marching For Muscles

This has been a great week of progress for Blue.  Which has been a blessing, because on the other hand, I have been facing some real challenges with Red.  In fact, I've been so bitter about the latter, that I haven't been able to write anything for a couple of days.  As I process my feelings, I will be writing about it --so stay tuned.  Thankfully, I finally have something positive to say so here goes...

First this week Blue decided to try the food in the cafeteria!  This is major.  He hasn't eaten cafeteria food since...I don't know....before he could talk!  When he learned to speak in sentences his first words were, "Hell no! I don't want any of that crap!" (just kidding).  Well, he saw a friend eating oven fried chicken and it looked good,  so his Social Skills teacher suggested that he give the cafeteria a try.  (I will be forever in her debt.)  The following day, he did.  First a baked potato, then a corn dog, and he ended the week with a cheeseburger!

 Do you know what this means? I don't have to make lunch for him in the morning! Yay!  This is big! Big! Huge!  He topped of the week by also riding the bus in the morning!  No lunch, no ride --independence! Load of my shoulders! I'm turning cartwheels!

Second, Blue received his report card for the last 6 weeks.  He kept it going with the straight A's!  Yeah baby! That's my boy!  (Well actually --that's his daddy boy.  I never made straight A's.)

Third, we participated in the MDA Muscle Walk in support of one of his best friends, Jacob. Here are a few pics:

Blue and Bestie Jacob

Marching for Muscles
Making Muscles by pulling a firetruck! 

Of all the feelings I have had to deal with this week, the best ones are Love and Pride...

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